Your New Years resolutions and how they went

Your New Years resolutions and how they went


Mine went well completed while most of the European side was asleep.

my name on every title on the front page of the forum :lou_lol:

Goals should always be achievable



A curate’s egg.

I said I would do yoga every day: YES - in the main even with injuries Badda Bing.

I said I would stay fit for football: NO - played once in 2017 and injuries make me think it’s time to think about ‘taking me badges’.

I said I would live in the now, not dwell on the past or worry about the future. YES - I’ve managed to lead a mindful life this past year and will endeavour to do the same in 2018.

I said I would give up the heroin. NO - well we all need a little distraction, don’t we?


Not any more.



How wrong you were


And I am done :lou_lol:



I will do yoga every day.

I will do all the physio recovery to be able to properly use my left shoulder again (rotator cuff injury)

I will learn the harmonica and how to drum properly on a cahon.

I will get my right knee fixed so I can use it for sport again.

I will do more volunteering to help young adults and people with mental illness.

I will get dual nationality status - UK and Ireland.

I will get on top of the 3 software development projects that I’ve got going on.

That’s my 2018 shopping list.


What has a curates egg got to do with anything?


Nope, I think I’m right.

It was a tough call.

I could have left your beautiful but ephemeral creation as was for others to enjoy, or I could post about myself.

Sorry, Phil.


Stay focused thats a lot of goals.

More than Saints have got this year.


Good and bad.

Good in parts.



I resolved to fit into my old 28inch waist jeans…

Who was I kidding?


I resolve not to go up yet another waist size



Last year i resolved to understand how and why we are trying so hard to destroy ourselves.

This year i plan to watch mankind bring the possibility to full fruition(it’s taken centuries, but i think we deserve it).


Pensioner’s Resolutions:

Make it through another year.

Wash/shower nearly every day.

Say “hello” to young people to see the look of confusion on their faces.

Attend more gigs this year to prove to myself I am seldom the oldest there.

Continue low impact tantric sex…record last year 3 days before simultaneous climax.

Try to be nice…even to fuckwits.


Drink more.


I always admire a man with ambition.


aren’t they supposed to be achievable?


Ahhhh…if they were easily achievable there would be little satifaction in success grasshopper.


Stop getting out the way of people who are typing on mobiles while walking and simply say Seriously? each time they walk into me.

It’ is hilarious fun in Malls etc

Oh and I bought gym kit on hols so do have a proper one. 1st non golf sports / beach gear ive bought since stopped playing foitball back when MLT played.

Tomorrow they get used…

Or maybe Sunday


I’m doing really well with mine.

Don’t kill people who have fkd me over.


I hear that.

Due to the pregablin I’ve put on a stone in six months