You could have Jesus Christ Superstar as manager

and Draco Malfoy as his assistant and England would still be shite, the media can dress our mediocre players up all they want but they are, will be and will always be shite as long as the Premier League stays the way it is, the quailty and technique of the foreign players masks our own deficiencies by a large margin.

We are fucking woeful as this game.

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Draco Malfoy. First mentioned in 1997.

Lordy, Barry’s cultural references go farther into the future than I could have possibly imagined.

Jesus goes way back Pap, I remember when he was a centre forward for Palestine and was nailing crosses in everywhere…


Up voted simply because it’s refreshing watching you have a go at someone other than the Muslims :lou_sunglasses:

I couldn’t on this as their intolerance and rage factor would have me dragged through the streets, Christians are far more chilled within themselves.

Mind you, Malta does have a rich muslim heritage (didn’t know that until this years holiday - thanks for all the tips BTW)