Yoga / Pilates


I have come to the end of my tether / paitience / pain threshold with my back. I have been cracked, twisted and manipulated by various oesteopath and chiropractors and still it persists.

Time to try a different approach.

Now I have heard many eulogies from people who found that Pilates and Yoga has helped them and seeing as I have put most kids of the alternative medicine fraternity through private school, I thought I might as well spread the wealth a little further.

So the question is who has done what and are there any recommendations?

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Have you tried the old sensimellia?

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I started yoga a couple of months ago for similar reasons and can certainly see why it will help with regular/continued practice. Give it a go!

I did Pilates for several months but it didn’t help my neck. A chiropractor did in the end, but it took months.

It’s not the most informative of posts, but my Stepdad has been having trouble with his back and various other aches and pains for years.

He’s recently (6 weeks, or so?) started pilates, and he actually seems to be enjoying it. Despite it being early days, he says he can feel a, albeit small but, noticable difference.

I’m keen to give it a go too, once my knee is feeling a bit better (another effing set back with that last week :lou_angry:), as I’ve also had back problems for years.

Had some shoulder issues in past and saw a chiropractor which helped relieve it.

About 2014 I ended up in excruciating pain in my lower back. I struggled to stand from my chair at work. Looking back I have no idea how I managed day to day. GP gave me some nice painkillers. Early 2015 managed to get a diagnosis of a slipped disc. Along with some more painkillers I was sent for an 8 week physio exercise class. Lots of strengthening exercises. This worked and I should really keep up the ones suggested.

I’ve done Pilates and yoga recently to help with my back.

Both are actually quite hard but great for building that core strength. After one Pilates session I realised I’d hurt my back again. So be cautious with some of the exercises. I’ve also found Tai Chi as quite a gentle exercise but is also about posture and core strength.


I’ve been doing yoga for about 18 months or so. I was so ‘stiff/inflexible from years of neglect when I started. Since yoga-ING I’m more supple n’ bendy than I was since early youth. I strongly recommend it mate. Any decent teacher will check with you as to any ongoing injuries and act accordingly.

I’m sure Bletch will back up its benefits as he goes with me and he gets into all sorts of positions and not just at yoga. Up to him to tell more. :lou_wink:

Om motherfucker’s! !

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I’m a devout yoga-er (who’d have thought it?!) and can’t recommend it highly enough. Not just for pain management and physical health, but general all-round well-being. Namaste bitches.

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Yoga / Pilates?

Don’t like any of that poncy health food stuff.

A full English is the preferred breakfast of champions…

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Haha me hearties!

I’ll bet you a filthy doubloon against your first cabin boy that my one-eyed parrot can chew through the anchor rope before your crew of drunken cut throats can keelhaul a landlubber in the swell of a force eight!!

Sounds like a plan, can anyone recommend a good yoda / sensei / mr miyagi / whatevertheyarecalled in the southampton area?

Sorry, I thought you said pirates.

In my advanced years I find I’m still quite supple.

There is one anomoly I’d like to correct. I can stand on my right leg and I’m able to lift my left leg and put my sock on. However if I stand on my left leg I’m unable to lift the right leg high enough to put my sock on.

Does the team think my right leg is heavier than my left and if so how can I lose weight on my right without affecting the left.

Thanks in advance.

Chop off the right leg at the knee , you will also get two for one on socks

I had thought of that but have a collection of shoes that are “foot specific” and not interchangeable like socks.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

I’d like to be more supple. Before I sign up to any sessions though, has anyone been able to suck their own dongle after some classes?

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But one of those blades would be cool as fuck, and I’m told they come with free a .45 magnum

As an old fashioned kind I don’t do carbon-fibre…laminated ash is more my line, with a bees-wax finish. Bit expensive though but a quality piece.


Do it for the suppleness, CB, and then stay for the mindfulness.

I do yoga every morning (hiatus currently due to bastard counting gammy knee) and it really helps with things like bad backs but most of all it chills you the fuck out.

Rust and I could recommend the world’s best yogi but a) I don’t want to share her and b) I don’t want you there.

No offence, it’s just that you need to be in the zone when you’re on the mat and I don’t want to be constantly thinking “is that that cunt CB over there in Lycra farting and burping?”

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And there it is. Bletch gives over this caring sharing flowery shirt persona. As soon as you want to borrow his yogi, he pulls up the ladder and slams the trap door. Bastard.

p.s. Is she fit?

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