Xmas gifts

Xmas gifts


Most of my in-laws have asked for donations to certain charities instead of gifts. I now feel a bit selfish drawing up a list of stuff I don’t really need. Xmas for me though is handing over presents.


In hindsight, didn’t really need to be a new thread :confused:

Just a general Xmas discussion then.


I bought myself a present in C&A Krakow.


My first ever Xmas jumper.

Nobody I know shops at C&A

It is a Bad Santa jumper so even more tasteless than usual.

The wife got the holiday for her present so was only fair


I get this. I have been repeatly asked for ideas for stuff I want in the £20 to £30 price range. Trouble is there is nothing that fits the bill. Or at least nothing that I want. I have suggested the charity thing or even not giving presents, but that got a d3cidedly sniffy response from the Ayatollah. So invariabley I will end up with a bag of crap I don’t want or need trying to decide when would be the most appropriate time after Xmas to sling it out.

there must be tonnes of waste like this.


I’m with you! If there is anything I want in the fkn £20-£30 range, I’ve already bought it. I imagine most Grown Adults are that way.

I’m ok with dropping a few hundred on my Woman. I’'m ok with buying Toys for young nephews and neices and Mx transgender children and what not. Everyone else needs to fk off.


Ahh now here’s the chance to get what you wanted in the first place. Ebay after Crimbo sale with the proceeds going to the charidee of your choice. :lou_lol:


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I’ve bought everyone’s prezzies and managed to manipulate an acceptance that the misses can contribute 50 quid to my “spendy” new camera lens. As discussed elsewhere here I’ve not actually disclosed how much the new lens costs but was left again with in a quandery when asked “How much do you want as a contribution” If I said, “Oh just a few hundred” I’m sure it would have prompted, “How much!” so I underplayed the cost by saying, “50 will do”

So I go online to buy it only to find nowhere in the UK has one. :lou_facepalm_2:

Not arriving until the beginning of January.


I really struggle to come up with a list of stuff I’ll throw away in January :laughing:


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I’m thinking bout starting my Christmas shopping sometime this week. I can only do it last minute tbh. If I’m gonna buy someone a bit of “that’ll do” tat that they don’t want or need, I need the added incentive of last minute desperation to push it over the line.


I ask everyone to buy me good quality socks, as like yourself i got sick of wasting my time opening shit. I now have a draw brimming over with good quality socks and as a bonus i haven’t had to buy any for years now.

I am the Imelda Marcos of socks(might open a sock museum soon).


As I will not be getting back home from the Betty Ford clinic until the evening of the 22nd I have Saturday and Sunday to purchase all sorts of stuff for the Wife and Children and Grand kids.

Why dont you get the wife to buy them I hear you say.

She has but she has only bought sensible presents

I want some silly toys to play with the kids. Last years was Pie Face.


My sister said to get my little niece a new baby doll, cos she’s decapitated her old one or something. Because she knows me quite well, my sister saw fit to add, “Not the one that shits itself.”

I thought she was joking, but when I looked you can indeed buy baby doll that shits itself. I’m gutted I can’t buy it for my neice. I’m thinking of getting one for My Self.


I am only now, getting near the end of the shower gel and doedorant that I got given as presents last year.

And, no @bearsy , I don’t only shower once a month.


But why.? Isn’t the point of a doll so that a kid can pretend to be a parents without the fuss and agro of having a real baby? A shitting doll seems like more trouble than its worth. Does it give you the authentic experience of the yellow slurry?


Ah yeah you’re not old enough yet for that are you. :lou_lol:


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At least that doesn’t happen in Southampton @barry-sanchez


Here’s a good one for the kids…

Takes me back…lots of fun playing with Swan Vestas.