Wtf ... VVD out for 3 months ! .... unbelievable

… according to the Daily Express via News Now

Ha! I just created another thread! Doh.

I’m optimistic that it’s bollox…

Wish I shared your optimism. It’s sods law, 4 days after selling Fonte !!!

Soz Simon … accidental down vote

You’re not going to believe this…but I just accidentally downvoted yours too!! Genuinely! I favourited it by way of apology…whatever the fuck that means!

I’m hitting panic stations if it is true!

I’ve checked the author’s twitter and he looks about 12 and is a West Ham fan… 'nuff said.


Apparently the Sun reported it first so … ??? Here’s the link …

Hammer blow for Southampton

If nothing, my thread title will wake 'em with a bang in the morning :lou_lol:

Originally posted by @steveintheforest

Apparently the Sun reported it first so ???

If nothing, my thread title will wake 'em with a bang in the morning :lou_lol:

Clickbait steve? Didn’t think you’d stoop so low :lou_wink_2:


Any time out is going to be shit for us, but I’ll wait until I’ve seen a diagnosis of his injury before I get too worried. If it was a serious ligament injury I doubt he would have walked off the pitch. Having said that if there’s a fracture to his fibula that could be a fair stint on the sidelines. I guess what I’m saying is I don’t trust the sun to report accurately on anything, let alone anything medical.

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It was probably a minor injury which became a serious injury after he tried to play on for another 5 mins or so, before eventully coming off :lou_facepalm_2:

Conflicting opinions on other sites that The Current Bun got it from a spoof account and it is a load of old bollix … which wouldn’t surprise me and would laugh my fuckin arse off if he played and scored the winner tonight :cool:

We need a Praying emoji or whatever you call those things for moments like this!!

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FFS I just spilt coffee down my shirt when I read that.

Shall I find out if he was on the plane? I’m suspecting he wasn’t.

Looks like bullshit though I still think he will miss the game this evening.

Jack Stephens Motm?

Moan of the match?

Yeah, probably.

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Up voted because it’s early and I’m making allowances

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Well have him as no return date and slight doubt for availability

I had an ankle knock once and played on for a while to try and run it off. Turned out it was a fracture! TSW is having its usual meltdown over this but I wouldnt panic until the club says something.

Coming from the Sun who have already sold him to several clubs the chances are it’s total bollox.

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Hope it’s bollocks. If he can’t play, I want at least to see him on the sidelines cheerleading & managing the team, like Ronaldo was in the Euros. Think that would be pretty cool.


I reckon footballers should be on statuatory sick pay after 4 weeks out… like the rest of us… why not?

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