WTF is "Is Solution" at the end of a post?

WTF is "Is Solution" at the end of a post?


Hadn’t really noticed it before, but on my last post on Bearsy being Top Poster, there it was with a Blue Question Mark. Naturally, just like touching the paint near a sign that says “Wet Paint” … I selected it and it changed to a Gren Tick and said Is Solved.

WTF is all that about?


Interestingly this thread doesn’t seem to have a Is Solution option … mysteriouser and mysteriouser … or however it should be spelt!!


Holy Shi … my 2nd post has The “Is Solution” prompt … and no I’m not going to touch this time!!


Maybe it has to be someone other than th op


Help … it’s fucking contageous the next one has it as well!! WTfuckityFuck is going on and why?


Ditto Ditto ad infitum???


I noticed it the other day, but being a newbie I assumed I’d get called a numpty (or more likely a cunt) for asking, so didn’t …

Numpty …



Well, I’m not sure but in the Admin console of the forum a massive “42” has just appeared…

…or the forum software was designed to be used for support sites where people would ask questions. The Solution feature would allow visitors to see which questions had been marked as answering the question posed by the OP.


I thought that could be be ticked if you thought any question was answererd whether or not it was right or wrong the internet would have accomadated it and given you some up votes.


Just checked the post that I clicked on Is Solution … and my name is now in Green on that one post :slight_frown:

What is happening to me?

Is anyone brave (stupid) enough to select the Is Solution on this thread so that we can see what happens?


i’ve only ever seen the green tick


Name in Green? Cunt of the week. I was informed by the Papswebsotoninternetworld executive leadership - never seen that often as you have to go some to beat Bletch


Only the original poster (you on this thread) get’s to say whether the post is the solution.

Look at it this way.

Let’s say you’ve got a problem, I dunno, anal warts or erectile dysfunction.

You create a post saying “Are my anal warts causing erectile dysfunction”.

I then respond saying that “I have anal warts and had erectile dysfunction too, but I decide to recognise that I’d always wanted to be a woman and since then, I get wood despite my anal warts.”

You then will think, ah it’s not my anal warts, I simply have to come out as being Erica and not Eric.

Pleased that you have had your question answered, you then tick the “Is solution” feature to show other anal wart-suffering floppies that they too might be able to find help.


eerr … oh … kay … then. Are there any other questions you’d like to ask and answer? (he says hoping the answer is no, because this is getting a bit weird)


Nope, you’re all set, Erica.


Stand by your beds … I am about to Nuke Bletch (erectile dysfunction, anal warts and agod knows what else!!) by pressing the “Is Solution” … here goes.


I am glad I am not the only one with ED and anal warts!


Bletch has now turned Green … and Is Option has changed to Favourite … witha Green Tick.

Is this some kind of sick PapsWorld version of Tinder? No offence Bletchy, but I don’t want you as my favourite!!

What have I done!!


Hi Boys!

Come and get it!

What’s happened to me?

I quite like this.

Actually, nothing’s changed except there is the possibility that you’ve just given me a bunch of points.

When the point-o-meter catches up I could be top of the pile.

Mwaah Mwahh ha ha.


OK - and what the fuck is #permalink?

What happens if I click on it? Do I get permanently linked to the original poster?

As per Erica’s last post I hope it’s not some sick twisted sex tool…