🐜 WTF is happening?

:ant: WTF is happening?


I’ve been updating a few things in the background and the same happened to me. Just refresh the page and it should come back.

FYI We’ve got a strange bug that I’m trying to track down so I can report it to Discourse.

Only on PC (I think), if you are reading a post that is a reply, and you click on the link to the post that it is replying to and it expands to show the replied to post…

Then something breaks and you can’t like things anymore (or at least the like heart stops) and new posts in the thread are no longer automatically updated.

It’s not Discourse’s bug, it’s one of the plugins we use on top of Discourse. I’ve just got to narrow it down so expect some more annoying fannying and upgrading over the next day or so.


Oh, ok. Glad it wasn’t me for a change.

Refreshing the page doesn’t seem to work btw


Hmm. You’re right.

I’ll take a look - in about 1 hour 50 mins.



Oh, and I can’t seem to get my location on the user map back to the UK :uk:


Still seems to be a problem with users’ avatars not displaying in the top right.

I’ll look into it some more.


OK at the moment it looks like there is an incompatibility with the latest version of the quick messages plugin (the envelope on the top line of the site). I’ve reported it as a bug and am waiting to hear back.

With it enabled it appears like this…


And Disabled it appears like this…


So for the moment, I’ve disabled the quick messages feature so to access your personal messages you’ve got to go to your user menu and press the envelope.


I’m back and as handsome as ever. Ghost Ship glasses …


I’ve put you back on the user map. Just typed Cobham, Surrey into your Map Location field (User, Preferences, Profile) and THEN HIT SAVE CHANGES.


Ta. But Cobham didn’t come up - a few places in Australia, USA and oddly, Japan…


I did Cobham, Surrey and it worked.

Try it again IF you get a mo.


Got the same address as you. Before though I could get more specific e.g. my road.


Try going though typing the whole address.


Smith Road, Cobham, Surrey, UK.

I’ve noticed that without the county it won’t find anything then with the county it identifies the one you’re after.


No joy I’m afraid :worried:


FYI for the wider Sotonians audience reading this, I PM’d @Cobham-Saint and asked for his street name, he provided it and I managed to put him on the map pretty quickly.

The problem?

@Cobham-Saint didn’t actually know where he lived.

Drama over.


OK, the bug with the quick messages plugin has been fixed by the plugin author. You’ve just got to love open source software.

We now have the messaging envelope AND the user avatar.



All very nice @saintbletch Except I don’t live on Khamilia Street. I drive that on my way to the office on the rare occassions I need to go there but it ain’t Gardenia ! JVC dude


Lol. OK you can ignore me just calling you out for not being on the users’ map.

So PM me an approximate address and I’ll tell you how to get it on the map.


What an arse licker

Congratulations on a great addon to Discourse.

And then he reveals himself to be a fucking knob

I think there may be an issue with the latest version - or at least an incompatibility somewhere.


What can I say? I’m a diplomat.

In fact, I was born in a little town ward of Gosport called Diplomacy.

And as the saying goes, you can take the boy out of Diplomacy, but you can’t stop @fatso from posting shite.