🐜 WTF is happening?

:ant: WTF is happening?


What on my shitty work Widows phone? Pull an F5? The only thing I can pull with this phone is a muscle throwing the phone across the room because it is so shit. Did I mention how shit my Windows phone is? It’s shit…no really, it’s shit.


Does this mean sir is experiencing a problem?


* Apart from having a shit Windows phone?


Funny you should say that Papster…just about trying to do absolutely anything with this shitty Windows phone is a problem.

I don’t have probs with my laptop…period - ( as our American cousins would say - pause for group snigger at “period”)

Oh, did I mention that my Windows phone is shitty? Though fully accept it is likely to be me tbh



It’s your own fault it doesn’t work, you shouldn’t have stolen it from a poor woman who has lost her husband.


And I had to rob a begger to get some cash to top up the credit…bloody tight fisted woman.


Your pain is minimal, me ol’ son. Both the missus and I got Windows Mobile phones back in 2008. If you think yours is shit, imagine what they were like eight years ago.


Is this the moan about mobile windows devices thread?

I stupidly set up a win tablet for a work meetingwhen in UK.

Saved 2 critical MS files. Got to UK it had dumped the files to the cloud for a no wifi or network coverage meeting.



BTW Pap, the paste icon in the edit box no longer appears to work, well in Chrome and on my phone at least.


Am I having a stroke?


What’s up Kenny?


His face, arm and cock are falling to the left


Well, if I can trust my memory at this late hour, Kenny dresses to the right so something is definitely not right.


I’m seeing a black screen. Have you been fucking about while I was suffering at the Rose Bowl?


Kenny, I’m going to give you a badge.

I’d pulled the wrong knob and got stout.

Try refreshing your page. It should be back to normal.


Nice one Kenny. You have a new badge which you can use as your title - if you so which.

If you need some advice on how to change your title, let me know.


Hang on, I think we all deserve that badge @saintbletch.


Don’t encourage his ego


More about keeping him occupied away from the community


Hey @saintbletch - my avatar thingy seems to have disappeared from the top right of the screen on my mobile.

If you click where it should be the usual drop down, well, drops down still…