Would you like a Cherry with that sir?

I know, it’s terrible, I couldn’t think of anything else though, “Born mouth ready for beer” didn’t quite cut it.

Pre, might be there, where?

Post, will definitely be there, where?

Who else?

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Unsure just yet. Might be visiting family which could rule me out of being at the cherryade mix up.

Good shout @btripz

The English Football Pub is right next door to the Vodka Bar.

I can line up a rack of Cherry (Vodka) Shots…

Hopefully the only Cherry Shots all day…

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I shall be counting lengths … Tyke has signed himself up for 250 lengths (5km) of the local pool in aid of cancer research :astonished:

I shall have the obligatory earpiece in, use all my fingers and toes to count and the occasional “go on son” thrown in . If Charlie scores a hat trick I hope I don’t lose count …



If he has a donations page, stick the link on here. Then again, looking round the denizens of this site, I’d understand entirely if you’d rather not. :lou_smiley:


I’m not going to be able to make this one - something’s come up. I have offered my ticket to the mighty Bletch, and if he turns up you should perform this in his honour:


This is not normally my style but it is in aid of a good cause and I would be a bad dad if I didn’t capitalise on the Friday night “pissed and donating money” brigade … :kissing_heart:

Remember people … 13 years old and swimming 5km (250 lengths of the pool). Come on son.

Show me the money …

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Legend Matt, thank you so much. :ok_hand:

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Thank you matt for your support the first 50 lengths are for you!


Fowllyd and SoS you are both destined for the legend banner alongside Sir Goat. Can’t thank you enough … too generous. :kissing_heart:

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There you go - done also @simplysaint

An extra tenner if @saint-cd posts a picture of himself doing a length wearing pink My Little Pony armbands - it’ll take his mind off the Bompey game and concentrate on something more useful…



You’re a true gent Cobs. Honestly gobsmacked by everyone’s generosity. :swimming_man:‍♂

Have I missed the donations link?



Bump for the donation link

Bump for anyone got any plans?


Is this the official drinks thread or is that the Boscombe Bevvies thread?

Or is it forget the football lets just go on the piss.?


Well the footy usually takes the piss. I’m here all night.

As for the big game itself. I feel unusually optimistic. I think we’ll only concede two. Can Shane get his long deserved hatrick though?

A 2:1 win for us…just.

@saint-cd we’re relying on you for updates of how @simplysaint is doing to take our minds off how badly we’ll probably be playing…

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