Worst drinks you have drunk

Worst drinks you have drunk


As the Fonte thread as evolved into a worst beer thread, Here is the official worst drink you have drunk thread. Does not have to be alcoholic or involve you being drunk. Obviously the where you drank it and why will give a bit of context to your reasoning.

To get us going it has to be.

Badger beer Brock Lager in particular during away darts matches in the Waterside darts league during the 80’s eventually found Guinesss and cider due to this one.

OB Lager. Korean lager was on a Korean ship at the time it is barely drinkable ice cold when it gets nearer room temp you can smell the formaldehyde that it is made with. Was the only alcohol onboard.

Lambanog a Philippine produced fortified something looks like wine tastes like barbecue lighter fluid comes in classic red or white neither are remotely drinkable. You Have to try the local produce you may find out it is good in this case not.


Good call on anything Badger from the 80’s.

Flatliners - Sambucca, a Layer (1mm) of Tabasco Sauce topped off by Vodka


Sri Lankan Arrak (sp?) - Coconut Toddy

London Pride at Goodfells Bar Tecom - They never had the clientele to sell much of the beer, then add to that that the “lowest cost possible” Bar Staff had never been trained on Bar Keeping and so NEVER washed the pipes. Friday Brunch orders pint while engaged in conversation picks up without looking and gulp barf…

Some Green Cocktail made out of Grass or some shit like that in Greenwich Village New York - was supposed to be some hip Sex & The City Cocktail Joint - $50 to Barf onto the bar top after oe sip

Cup of Coffee. Meeting at a customer - he asks if I want Coffee - I say yes - Milk & Sugar. He returns I sip. Did not notice that the Milk was 1) Congealed and 2) Stank - Mid Summer here - seel by date was 4 weeks previous - no fridge


Southern Comfort

Now I’m not sure if it is by association of because it’s a foul concoction.

When a was a student a mate cooked a meal of stuffed peppers and rice n stuff, all washed down with Southern Comfort. Reel forward 8 hours or so and everyone’s queuing up to call God on the big white telephone. Everything reeked of you know what.

20+ years later just a whiff of Southern Comfort make me gag…mind you I haven’t eaten stuffed peppers since either


I had a particularly milky hot chocolate in Wetherspoons once.

It was neither hot nor chocolatey.


Schapps is like rocket fuel but the worst most sickly drink I have had is a Rusty Naill (Drambuie and whisky)


Flatliners is that 1 shot of Sambuca and 1 shot of vodka or half a shot each?

Southern Comfort and Drambuie I like both, but maybe due to an excessssive acidic stomach they by there nature of being sweet are easier to drink.

Each to there own gentlemen.


Half a shot of each then necked down.

Some still hate the Mouth Wash flavour of the Bull Frog. Most just drink it by the gallon


Black sambucca and red bull do not mix…


Rickie Lambert piss.


That does sound particularly revolting


Anything that calls itself Brandy. If it’s not got Cognac on the bottle don’t even think about it. In my formative years I bought a bottle of Spanish brandy from holiday called Fundador…fuckin fire-water. If you feel like coughing as you drink it DON’T it will tear your throat out.

Sadly it’s still available today.


Ovaltine sucks ballbags


Originally posted by @Fatso

Ovaltine sucks ballbags

Do they still make that? have not had it since probably the middle to late 70’s


You can even get that in the Philippines what is even worse is Fundador light 25% ABV absolute shite. The local basketball team drink it for some unknown reason. Along with Ginebra which is a sort of San Miguel made gin also disgusting.


Yes, they still make it. I had some the other day at my dads house. I’ve grown very partial to a drop of Horlicks but he didnt have any, so I had his Ovaltine. It’s shit.


Monkey’s Brain - Can’t really call it a drink because the Archers, when poured on the Baileys, causes the Baileys to congeal. Can’t get that down no matter what!!


Probably an initiation ceremony. :lou_facepalm_2:


You have actually tried to down one of those?


Got brought one for my 30th birthday, have never forgotten it…


So basically, what you are saying is that you had a glass of milk in Wetherspoons - did it come with a plate of cookies?