World Cup!

Anyone gonna be watching it? I quite enjoyed women’s football during the Olympics, and think this could be another good one… Much better than watching the tired old men’s England team, I reckon.

A lot of Americans will be watching it. It’s a thing here.

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Are the American team any good, Ohio?

(note, I’m liking every message of yours that has no reference to women’s body parts, in the hope I can retrain you with positive affirmation).

When does it start?

Wonder if we’ve sent any scouts out there?

Was Blatter able to shoe horn in that tight shorts rule before he resigned/was kicked out?

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Guides Bear.

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I don’t know a lot about it really, but I think England have got a player called Duggen (sp?) who CDAJFU. Anybody know any other players to watch out for?

When does the U21 start also, I will prob watch that also.

Watched Ze Germans put 10 past Ivory Coast last night.

The IC keeper literally moved out the way for one of them. Be good to see the Germans up against a real team, as they look like they can play. That said, their keeper had about 2 things to do all game and made a hash of both.

They won it once, apparently! Since then they take it all serious.

BTW, Not to worry about the booblies any more, even I am tiring of it. The booblies are now gone. I have given my posts a mastectomy.

I will not be mentioning them again unless they are relevant to the topic, like if someone makes a thread titled “Let’s all talk about booblies” or something.

Even if some supermodel pokes her booblies in my face, I will think twice about posting my experience on here. :innocent:

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The Germans are favourites and the tournament has recently been enlarged, so there will probably be a few high scoring or wildly one-sided contests. The US are second favourites. Our first game is against France, who we haven’t beaten since the 1970s.

Down voted you on that one Ohio, because even though the sentiment was good, the reference to a mastectomy was poor, and the other points unnecessarily gratuitous. But keep going, you’ll get there in the end!

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I have upvoted you for that one Ohio, because the reference to a mastectomy was funny, and mentioning booblies four times in a post about not mentioning booblies, shows remarkable commitment.

You’re such a softy, Bearsy. If you keep feeling sorry for him, he’ll never learn!

I just don’t think it’s right to take all Ohio’s booblies away in one go. He can’t be expected to go cold turkey.

I think you should be discussing this with me first before you make a decision like that. You’re just making me look the baddie here.

What about replacing the boobs with some cock? I’d be up for that. I have boobs and a cock. And I’m not even a tranny!


That seems fair compromise, if Ohio insists on having booblies, he’s got to have his cock first. Like i.e eating ur vegetables, except with cocks.

Originally posted by @Coxford_lou

I think you should be discussing this with me first before you make a decision like that.

But we’re not allowed to discuss booblies with you! That’s how we got in this whole mess!

I’m quite enjoying saying booblies, it’s not a word that was previously in my vocabulary, but I’m starting to understand the appeal.

I’ve never come across it before, but it’s quite annoying. Not as annoying as ‘titties’ but up there.