World Cup Draw

World Cup Draw


Thought we should have a thread on this?




Nuno Bettencourt

Ballet Dancer


Portugal and Spain in the same group :lou_eyes_to_sky:


We got Belgium


Fellani and Lukaku for us then…as the last group game


Belgium, Panama, Tunisia and England

If England don’t get out of the group then they really are as shit as everyone thinks they are.




We’ll nestle nicely into second place there with 1 draw 1 win and 1 loss. Hold on tight, it’s going to be thrilling…


Well out of that draw I can only see three of them giving us any problems.


We will get out of the group in second place and fail miserably in the knock out stage. It is the way of things.


Them damn Panamanians eh?!!


Is the title the best result England can hope for in Russia?


Not forgetting Hazard, deBruyne, Tintin and Snowy


There CBs aren’t bad either


We can get a draw against the pesky Belgium’s. The key is to score the most against the other two so we finish top and get an easier draw.

we are fucked then


Is Hercule Poirot back from injury though? He’s their danger man.


Unfortunately for them he’ll be a non-starter. He was poisoned on The Orient Express…Southgate is a prime suspect so a win/win for us.


Would that be Eddie Merckx, The Singing Nun and Plastic Bertrand (no relation)?


Tunisia could be tricky. Both Star Wars and Raiders were filmed there. Hopefully they’ll put a load of Jawas in defence and R2D2 in goal, but @goatboy is insisting that neither of them are real.

He’s right, of course. They’ll probably field the double hard bastard* that gets propellerised in Raiders as an enforcing centre back.

* Did you know that the bloke who played the big Nazi also played the big Indian that got crushed by a mill in Temple of Doom?