:fifa: ⚽ 🌏 World Cup 2022 Play Offs

Bale with a trademark free kick. 1-0.

Portugal 2 Turkey 0. 42 mins.

Bale again 2-0.

Quality goal, that.

2-1 deflected in off Davies.

James should have made it 3-1 but is obviously saving his goals for Saturday week.

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Turkey score. 2-1. 20 mins left to piss off CR7.

Penalty to Turkey. Fonte at fault.

Blazed over bar.

The preening prick misses a sitter to settle it.

3-1. 2 mins left.

North Macedonia score winner in injury time at Italy.

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Wales hang on.

Where did Bale learn his free kicks? :thinking:

Italy haven’t qualified for two consecutive world cups :flushed:

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Lolol :joy::joy::joy::joy:

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I can imagine the huge sympathy being expressed by the Italian media today

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KWP good block just now, good penetrating ball in their box just now.

Couldn’t be arsed to start a new thread.

John Stones injured in warm up Ben White debut in back 3

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Not in script

KWP looks lost. Not sure if he is meant to be a winger or a FB

Yep he’s further forward than he plays for us.

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Oh FFS another joke VAR penalty… and Kane scores 2 - 1. :lou_facepalm_2:

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Just realised.
Tomorrow night is?
JWP vs Zaha
At Wembley no less!