Words you used to use but have fallen out of common usage

Inspired by Mr Bulsara’s David Ginola thread, where the word banger transported me back to a plate of mashed potato, beans, a fried egg and some pork sausages, I wondered what other words we used to commonly use or hear that have fallen by the wayside.

State the word and the definition.

Have at it.

Mush - a proper southern multifaceted term for a friend, acquaintance, or someone you’re about to punch.

This is still very much in use Mr Bletch Sir.


Bangers, when I was at school, was used as a description of large breasts. The folly and immaturity of youth.

I just say “melons” now.


And I’d like to be the first to say that those children that shouted that after you were horrid.

We’re here if you need us.


I must have lived in the posh parts of Gosport and Eastleigh!

Banger = slang term for a wrap of cocaine. Still hear this used fairly often though, tbf.

Faggot. Still in use but not what it once was. Never tasted good at any time.

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Shrammed: feeling very cold

Gurt: big

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Ratbag. My nan used to call people it. Think it means “little shit”, or something similar.

Quim was an old porn word for vagina

Fuck Puddle - now wet patch!

Under crackers - for under pants.

Or Thunder cacks if my dads, as they were bigger than a flag!

Originally posted by @Fatso

Quim was an old porn weird for vagina

Old word that. Not as old as cunny though.

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Div as in “you div”


Originally posted by @Fatso

Quim was an old porn weird for vagina

Yeah, you don’t hear that one too often these days.

I’ve got a Welsh mate (Not The Flyd Owl), this one is proper Welsh - prefers Rugby to football and everything.

Anyway, apparently people from The Wales have their own language.

They even have their own TV station called Pobol y Cwm (I shit you not - The Welsh language…it’s like nobody asked Carol for another consonant).

So whenever this mate asks me how I am, I always reply “I’m OK but I’ve got to see the doctor about my Pobbly Quim”.

I’ll…I’ll get me coat…

A crappy Saints song that has been lost - GIVE ME AN S and others would repeat S as a mass, and so on speling out Southampton. When you got to P, you used to sing deeper and faster. At the end everyone would repeat Southampton 3 times.

This song was basic and very popular in the mid to late 80’s when standing on the right side on the Milton Road terrace.

It is very hard to think that the youngsters on here would not even know this “song” or spelling game!


Originally posted by @Fatso

Quim was an old porn word for vagina

Isn’t Quim female juices?