:uefa_logo: Women’s Euros 2022

So it all kicks off in the women’s euros on the 6th July. I feel this is a great opportunity to showcase the women’s game, as the men’s World Cup is not until November, so fans can focus on the women’s tournament, and May gain viewers and interest from football fans who would not normally tune in.

It is already very well supported, but tickets are available for other games. I may try and get along to some, depending on dates and other commitments.

So let’s champion the women’s game at international level and get them just that bit further and lift the trophy.

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Kicks off with England v Austria at 8pm on Wednesday 6th July at Old Trafford.

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Great result tonight as the final preparations start for next month.

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Also the BBC have a page to follow the Euros.

There are other media coverage!

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Putellas out for Spain.

Come on England. Cracking atmosphere!

4-0 I’m going for!

We look a little off the pace. Pissing about with the ball, trying to be flashy!

If they want to be compared to the men, then they need to play crap tonight and scrape a 1-1 draw.

That was in. Great start with the technology! :laughing:

I assumed they were checking for offside. Didn’t the squawking haridans commentating mention that?

Our best build play, was by Austria on our goal :joy:

The northern Irish getting thumped at SMS

Not another 9 - 0?

They have got one back 3-1

Hope Rafferty gets on.

Is she Claire’s sister?