Woman mugged

Woman mugged


Now a few things about this story.

  1. 3 mobile phones?

  2. was she out on the rob and the robber got robbed?

  3. did get mugged, but added a couple of mobile phones and a iPad to her list of contents in the handbag?

  4. big set up for an insurance claim?

  5. might have got mugged and my best wishes to her!

All it needed was, there was £1,000’s in her purse and they drove off with her sports car (she may find it hard to prove the last one).



maybe she was visiting from Merseyside? We have a habit of mugging those scouse bastards.


I was once mugged and had 2 phones on me and a camera. It wasn’t funny and I’d hope that people believed me. Thankfully had a witness. Sorry but not sure what the point of this thread is?


The description of the perp (alleged) and his clothing was surprisingly detailed too.


3 mobile phones is quite normal if ur drug dealer or prostitute. Drug dealing prostitutes can sometimes carry as many as six.


I was once mugged in Southampton and I had sod all on me. My mother was also mugged in the subway of the big roundabout which is now a hotel, on her way to work at 5pm. They took her bag with so much force that her feet left the ground. Not funny at all.

I suppose I am very sceptical as I have known a few people that have done a set us scheme. Also 3 mobile phones in a bag in the early hours of the morning just seems odd to me. During the day personal and work maybe, but why do you need 3 mobile phones?

On the point of threads, welcome to the world of football forums!


But not more?


When I worked at the mighty Pizzaland, there was scandal. When doing the banking, someone in Guildford set up a mugging/robbery when going to HSBC to do the daily, or in this case 4 days of takings.

The plan was simple, go to the bank, but get a friend to push you over and take the money bag and then they share the money. The only snag was you always had to go with one other, so you need 3 people in on the robbery. This was all set up, only for the manager to come in, so he went to the bank with the supervisor, instead of the member of staff. In those days no way of communicating, not even 1 mobile phone! So on the way to the bank the attack happens like planned, only for the manager to give a right hook to the “mugger” and catches him. All grassed on each other… Brilliant! There was only £3k in the bag!



I have never been mugged, I got attempted mugged one time but I told them to fk off and it worked out Ok. I was sexual assaulted by a wandering rape gang of older women in Harlow when i was 14 but i didn’t take it to police because all in all, i didn’t really mind.


my Mum was mugged by a heroin addict a couple of years ago.

Whenever I’m low I cheer myself up by remembering that he’ll have died, alone, in a pool of his own shit by now. :smile:


Three fifteen year olds tried to mug me on Edge Lane in Liverpool, years back.

Stood my ground, hit the mouthiest one, screamed at them. They all pegged it off, leaving me bellowing in the middle of one of Liverpool’s busiest routes.

A bit of it is obviously awareness and common sense, but most of avoiding trouble is just how you carry yourself. Head up, look people in the eye, let them know you’ve clocked them.

Three of us were being sized up in Peckham a while back. Looked straight at 'em, bunched up, and they fucked off.

Just make yourself not worth the trouble*.

* Resembling a vagrant half the time also helps.


Many years ago a skinhead type tried To mug me whilst I was staggering back over the Itchen Bridge late one night. Things took a turn for the worse when he pulled a screwdriver and demanded money. His face was an absolute picture when I grabbed hold of the other end of the screw driver and wouldn’t let go. He uttered the immortal words “Get off my tool”. By this time he was sufficiently bewildered by the turn of events that I was able to fast talk my way out of the situation.

being hammered and therefore indestructible, certainly helped my response. Sober, I would have probably ponied up.


Pap makes a good point about how you carry yourself.

I was in London with a guy once in the middle of winter and we got on a late night tube and he was wearing ear muffs.

He looked like a victim.

You have to follow the example of Viv Richards, he walked out to bat like he owned the ground.