:pl: :wolvesfc: Wolverhampton Wanderers v Saints :saints:

:wolvesfc: v :saints:

  • :saints: had a good win v :chelseafc: and have had a good transfer window, this’ll be felt throughout the squad and :wolvesfc: will suffer. :saints: to win at a canter
  • Could be a tough one this one, they didn’t do too badly against Newcastle but then only drew with Bournemouth, difficult one to call however :wolvesfc: to win.
  • score draw
  • bore draw

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Poll added to the OP, let’s have at it Sotonians

Livia will miss this one, out for possibly 6 weeks according to Ralph

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We’re gonna fucking murder 'em!!


3-0 Wolves then


And a Sutton says

Wolves v Southampton
You know how pressure builds and Wolves need that first win. I expected them to beat Bournemouth but they didn’t. They surprise me because they have so many good attacking players but they have spent a bit of money and I think Wolves will break their duck this week.

I don’t see them going down but they need to win a game soon to get them up and running. Southampton will go toe-to-toe, it is how they play. It could be anything but I am backing Wolves to have the quality up front to make the difference.

Sutton’s prediction: 2-1

Juice Menace’s prediction: 2-0

What a cunt that Chris Sutton is. Isn’t he the pompous twat that announced that he wouldn’t be available to play for England because he took umbrage at being selected for the B team? Several years ago now.


Aribo in for Lavia

That bench!


So we Have Walkers Crisp, Bottle a Ketchup, Salsa, Pernaud, Diagio, Haribo, and Adams ale,
Do we have a catering company or a football teaM?


Anyone got a link to a stream - all the ones on soccerstreams100 seem to be for barcodes v Palarse

Playing quite well from what I am seeing

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It’s been a little bit scrappy but you’re right, looking good going forward and creating chances, defending well too.

fuck Wolves score in Injury time.

FFS how badly did he hit that ball…

That is the equivalent of a strike off your ass

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Fucksake. What a time for them to score. We have to come out second half and really go at them.

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Diallo off, AMN on. Only change id make

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We have gears to go

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