Ye, fellow Papswebsters, the 7th of May represents World Naked Gardening Day. so will you be out with your Hoe in the nude or letting the fruit and veg free from the greenhouse?

Share your naked tales of spreading the seed with fellow Sotonians below and we celebrate gardening as nature intended. (innovative puns would surely make this a classic thread,no? :lou_wink_2:)

Bletch will be attending his courgette. (which really would struggle to make the pickled gherkin jar)

Will Lou be giving her lady garden a trim? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :wink:

More subtle would have been ‘will Lou be trimming her hedge at the bottom of her garden’

I may well get my dibber out.

Originally posted by @Goatboy

I may well get my dibber out.

so when you have made your hole, what seeds will you be planting Goaty?


Ah the old chile htat looks like a little cock gag… fucks sake Goaty this is NOT fucking ‘That’s Life’ and Bletchy is not fucking Ester Rantzem, (whereby fucking is an adjective rather than a noun) - come on you can do better than that with a wealth of gardening material surely?


Much better

I will ‘raise you’


Come on boys and girls, if you cant laugh at a potato that looks like a cock on a Friday night, what kind of immature web obsessed twats are you? :lou_is_a_flirt:

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A bit small I know…