Windows 10


Windows 10. Out tomorrow, free for Win7/Win8 users.

Anyone doing the upgrade?

It’s only free for a year

    1. I’m going to wait until the screams have died down, then install it in six months.
    1. I’m upgrading tomorrow.
    1. Last Windows for me. I’m moving onto SteamOS/Linux/Another OS
    1. I couldn’t be arsed learning about computers, so I got a Mac instead.

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I may well install it on my old laptop and see how it looks. If it works, and I like it, I’ll load it up on the new laptop/tablet thing I use now - I’ve only had that a couple of months so I don’t want to break it right now.


I’m on 7 at the moment. Was never tempted to go for 8.

Bit of a crossroads for me. The only things I really need Windows for at the moment are development tools and games. I’d love to get off the platform, but feel I would miss too much.


I dont like 8 so may well bite the bullet and go for 10. I’ll wait and see how it goes with others first though.


I like Windows 8 since I bypassed the Metro interface. I’ll install 10 on my laptop, see how it works. Then I’ll do it on the desktop if I like it…I won’t install it on the wife’s laptop until we find out what it does with the Sims community. She would just die if Windows 10 ruined her ability to play with her dolls. :confused: Yes, her dollhouse activities gave me stroke-face.

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Exactly the same here.

I’ve also got a big laser printer, copier, scanner thingy that didn’t receive a driver for Windows 8, so that might stop me moving to 10.


Another one here too. On 7 skipping to 10.


<3 My Mac


Hehe. Reminds me of the very early days of Linux (which is actually fine for the desktop these days). I’d toy with the idea of leavng the WIndows world behind, then realise that I was missing something pretty fucking big, like sound, or wireless network adapter driver.

I think overall, I share Gabe Newell’s concern that Windows is heading in the wrong direction, that Microsoft have had a little peek into Apple’s walled garden and thought “yeah, we’ll have some of that!”.


How long will the free upgrade last. Might wait for the early adopters to beta test it first. If I go for it, it is bound to fuck shit up.


I think it’s time-limited to about a year, but you may wish to fact-check me on that. It’s a fairly canny move by Microsoft if it works. They want everyone in the same house. This is a decent incentive to ensure it happens.


It seems ridiculous to worry so much about updating the OS considering where I was less than 20 years ago.

I had a computer with a 100mb hard drive that I could only keep running if I made a tape backup every day…Just let that sink in for a while!!

Windows 95 took up pretty much the entire hard drive!

I’m just grateful that I no longer need to know how to rebuild my computer from dos.

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What I want to know is what happened to Windows 9!!


That’s your operating system, mush.

“Fuck yis all! I am Lone Wolf! I don’t give a fuck! I’ll run Windows 9!”


So I have clicked the “Get Windows 10” app. I have not got Windows 10 yet. It tells me I will get a notification when it is ready to install. We shall see, Microsoft - we shall see.


Schoolboy error there pap. You’ve handed over your entire identity to Microsoft and now they own you.


I clicked that over a month ago, been patiently waiting since then…



See you back online in a fortnight then Big Bad Bob !

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I think they’re sending the update out in waves, which I can understand from an infrastructure point of view, but it’s a bit crap from a consumer standpoint.

I want my computer irreparably fucking broken with a new OS NOW, goddammit.

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