Will the Terriers help dig Saints out of their rabbit hole or will they be nipping at our heels

Saints on a downward spiral after 2 points from a possible 15.

Huddersfield feeling good after a 4-1 thrashing of Watford.

Will MoPo MKII be able to get the team up for this game?
Will VvD be dropped again?
Will we be getting the ubiquitous training videos from Tuesday onwards?
Will we have a team left or will they all be in Goa after having their asses stripped?
Will MoPo MKII set the team up not to lose?

Unfortuantely I can only see 1 result 0-0

BTW I give up on trying to placate @areloa-grandee ( @pap when are you going to update the tags??). My next thread title will be factual and to the point.


Bob, don’t do it! I love that thread title. I loved the last one as well. That said, I’d rather we win and then you won’t have to start the next one. In fact, if we do then I’ll start that motherfucker myself.

We’ll win, and I’ll be starting the thread for the dreaded Boxing Day game. You heard it here first.


Do not under any circumstances break the rules- our last win came with exceptional comedy thread title - you just need to be funny! Fowlwilly, help him out! :joy:

We will win this one. It will all come together, meaning we all go home* happy and we get to hear a lot less from our Head of Moaning, just in time for Christmas :christmas_tree:

*also applies to switching off internet stream / commentary, text updates, for the majority.


6 pointer this one!

That dog would be going home with it’s tail between its legs but for the fact some sick fuck has docked it.


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My dog has a full tail, I’ll have you know. :lou_smiley:

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Packing the team with defensive midfielders and excluding strikers is the only way I can see us not winning.

Certainly MP and Klopp’s mate are neck and neck in nicest manager table, however wagner seems to be much more promising at football side of things.

Whoever played well in our last match will obviously not feature so VVD will be back as will Shane Long. Charlie Austin won’t feature at all.

This’ll be a MP masterclass in game management. 1 shot. 1 goal.

Come on you red & white machine! !


I would double upvote you for that.

Not a nice thing to call your Thai bride, not matter how well hung (s)he is :lou_surprised:


I reckon we’ll do the full knock-off-a-cooper’s-hat on this one.

I might actually attend this one. 2-0 Saints. Redmond to score both.

Is that anything like trimming a wizard’s sleeve?

That’s truly awesome. Definitely not a fkn waste of time that. :lou_wink:

Has there been a press conference for the game?

Listening to Yoshida talk about the game and such I would be quite happy if we just went out and bought the Japanese first 11 if they all had his attitude. Also it would bring a bit of fun to the club.


If they let you out of the Priory in time.

Redmond to score both ffs !!!

It’s a running joke of mine. Not a funny one admittedly.


I won’t be going to this one. I’m going home for Chrimbo on Friday, swinging by the West Midlands to pick up Adult Unit #1 from her boyf’s British base. Just as well. The fuzz have been sniffing around Row Z for clues for the matchday murderer. Sit somewhere else, @gavstar . The frame-up is already pretty tight.

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