Why isn't the Telford scandal being covered by the BBC?

Why isn't the Telford scandal being covered by the BBC?


I’ve only just found out about this? 1000 women and children abused! Why isn’t this on the nations broadcaster? Edited for transparency, openess and fairness.


What Telford Scandal?


And also discussed on the BBC Today programme this morning.

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Good, can’t seem to find in on the bbc and thats what is making waves. I read it in the independent, you’d have thought the bbc have a liberal and cultural agenda…



Thanks Pearsy.


I read about it in the Metro this morning

So should the thread title be corrected to:

Why isn’t the Telford scandal being covered by the BBC

Otherwise it’s a bit misleading




Cheers Barry.

It doesn’t surprise me that the BBC aren’t running the story (yet) - will be interested to hear the reason why, if and when they do - or don’t as the case may be.


It is going to be very very bad for them this, they did comment on this I see 6 years ago but have n’t commented on the amount of the victims coming to light, its what many have feared and I didn’t want to with them as I adore the BBC is they’re a biased liberal organisation who’ll disguise the news as their agenda isn’t being represented, that is very very worrying and will only give the far right the impetus and validation they want.

Why should they be afraid to report what is in the news and the reality of the situation?


Here you go, found something - you’ll need to scroll through a fair bit, but it’s there.


Is that the one below the whippet winning crufts and the disabled fearing a benefit cut?

If so that says it all, a live feed as opposed to a report.


Perhaps this would have been uncovered sooner had the local MP not spent so much time inventing death threats.


BBC are busy with middle east regime change and Russian bashing. They can’t do everything.

Still, Blue Planet eh?


The Russian regime bashing is justified, they like the Middle East are spiky and can’t take any criticism, a but like the French…


Heard it being covered on the Radio 4 news programme a short while ago.


They are all in Frankie Howard having a disaster avoidance meeting.

If ever there was an opportunity for the BBC to stand tall and make a big, bold statement about how much it values the idea of valuing values, then surely this is it!


Can’t see it on the website, why have the other outlets got it and not the national news provider?


I have no idea Barry, but then I don’t work for the BBC. If it bothers you so much why don’t you contact the BBC and ask them?


And many have and they won’t answer, too late now they’ve been found out, at least I now know who won crufts…