Why I like Nashville

OK, I’m sure Nashville won’t get much respect on here. It’s well written, produced and acted, but the reality is it’s standard romance/murder/cheating fare. But the great thing about Nashville is the music and the location shots. They’ve recruited some top Nashville songwriters and musicians for the show, and while the main stars’ performance is generally decent quality, there have been some breakthrough performances.

Of particular interest are teenage performers Lennon and Maisie. Love this song with older sister Lennon:

And if you’ve ever visited Nashville it’s fascinating seeing the Bluebird Cafe, music row, Grand Ole Opry and other locations as a centre pieces for the show.

I love Nashville!

Oh, and T Bone Burnet was the music producer for the first series (of ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ fame), and the amazing Buddy Miller has been music producer for subsequent series.

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I married my missus even despite her being a former C&W singer. Even she never got past the first episode of that show, despite it being exactly the kind of format that she loves.

She should give it another go - it’s good!

‘‘Dallas with songs about bein’ drunk and cheatin’’

Who knew Avery would turn out so wholesome?

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The dandest thing you ever saw

The 1975 version looks even better!