Whose ale is that lager?


Shiver me timbers. Swansea, who presumably got lost on the way to the Welsh League, visit our fair city for Saints’ opening game of the 2017/18 Premier League season.

For the benefit of newcomers who may not be wily to our ways, a good contingent of us meet up in pubs. We know other forum folk call this unusual, but we suspect these self same folk may just be weirdos with no social skills. Sotonians are weirdos _with _social skills, an essential difference.

The usual venue is the Rockstone, Bevois Valley. The usual time is around 1pm. I don’t mind changing up a bit if others want to.

This week, we shall also be enjoying the company of @intiniki , who will be celebrating leg two of her birthday fixture. Happy birthday to intiniki.

The rest of you, state thy intentions. Will you be asking whose ale is that lager on Saturday?


I will be there. I will be drinking. Probably neither Ale or Lager. Cider of course, it’s still summer :cool:


:lou_lol: Thank fuck for that.

Mrs Goat has already cancelled dinner on Saturday night and asked if I think my hangover will be gone by Sunday evening.

Apparently “maybe” was not the correct answer.


We’re getting the band back together. It has been a long close season.

I am glad that this forum announcement was respected so highly by Mrs Goat. She should join.


Shut up! I’ve told her there’s only enough internet for one user at home!


I too shall be there. I too shall be drinking. I have a dream, but that’s between me and my analyst.


Big turnout tomorrow of Dubai Saints krew at SMS (except for Eric who is wimping out with the piss poor excuse that he has to go to his Daughters wedding).

But luckily for you, the gang are meeting up at Ocean Village so carry on.

The rest of us will be doing our best Justin Theroux impressions in the 45C heat of the non-airconditioned hell that is Barasti at this time of year, making the most of the 10 quid a pint until the run up to the introduction of VAT on 1st Jan down here…


Hmm, maybe.

I’d like to join, but unfortunate circumstances (getting completely dicked over by my so-called business partner, and resultantly having not been paid since May) mean that I am skint. As in breadline skint. So we’ll see.

Sadly The Rockstone has declined over the Summer. The old manager/purchaser left to work at the new Unity brewery, and Rockstone overlords have a) binned off selling craft bottles (which is a shame, as the extensive range was one of the big draws), b) stopped getting decent keg beers in and c) started putting ridiculous prices on decidedly average beers e.g. a frankly eye-watering £6.90/pint for Bristol Beer Factory’s Milk Stout (which is shit - and would normally be priced at no more than half of that).

So long-term, it may be worth looking into other options, assuming The Rockstone’s proximity isn’t the main appeal?


I hope you get the shit with your business partner sorted pronto - sounds fucking appalling.

Turn up on Saturday and I’ll gladly buy you a beer. If you’re uncomfortable with this as it may feel like charity, I’ll be more than happy to make unspeakable demands of you in return for said beer. The object of these unspeakable acts will be Bletch - he’s not remotely fussed about accepting charity.

Irritating about the Rockstone, assuming that it carries on in that direction. Since we first met up there I’ve been massively impressed with the place, so it’s a crying shame to see it heading downhill. Its proximity is certainly handy, but it was never the main appeal of the place.

Guess we can make a call on that tomorrow.


Sadly I will be missing most (probably all) Saturday matches due to work commitments* this season, hopefully I’ll pop up at midweek (not Tuesday) fixtures.

*some cynics might say it’s to avoid buying GB his election sweepstake rum, but I haven’t forgotten**

**If everyone else had forgotten then i’ve just screwed myself over.

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OK, is anyone going to be there early?

I’m out tomorrow evening but could put in an appearance at lunchtime if anyone will be there early enough to make the train trip and walk (gammy knee) worthwhile.


You, sir, are an absolute gent. My pride and self-worth have certainly taken a bit of a pounding, and I do indeed find it difficult to accept how bloody lovely people have been in recent times. But I’ll take absolute delight at getting you a couple of beers in return once I’m back on my feet.

Yeah - I was gutted to see that not only had the manager gone but that the pricing/quality had swiftly gone to shit. Definitely worth scoping it out tomorrow though. It had become a boozer that I’d regularly drop into just to try a 1/3 or 1/2 of whatever was new - and genuinely had people travelling from outside Southampton to visit, such was the range. Be frustrating to lose that.

Not got anything on before the match*, so I’ll arrive whenever consensus dictates.

*(I’ve set that one up for you).


Every fucker will buy you a drink if you turn up tomorrow, ant. Most will not demand vile acts with bletch in return :lou_sunglasses:

Seriously, do turn up. If there’s one thing I know about our drinking crew, it’s that we have solidarity in spades. Getting home without spewing in a doorway or lobbing a kebab at a copper will likely be your chief concern.


Hey ant.

Just turn up, eat & drink as much as you want then leave.

I never needed to pay for anything there…




Don’t worry mate. About as many people will be there early as your track record of showing up


What time is early Mr Bletch sir?


About 7pm last night? (About the time you started on the gin)

Too late now mate.

I would have had to leave by now but nobody could be arsed to reply.

None taken. :lou_eyes_to_sky:

I think I’ll be going to some Sunday games (as long as my dealer comes through), so I’ll see you all at one of those. Except Bucks who can go fuck himself.



Be there.

So I don’t have the responsibility of looking for a table.