Who Wins the Chocolates?

Calling @PhilippineSaint to the board with your odds on our next manager.

My money on Phat Sam

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Steve Bruce


My money is on Fat Sam till the end of season and then it is anybody’s guess on which division we are in

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It will not be a dinosaur.
That doesnt fit the SR Model
It will not be an up and coming excel appointment, fingers have been burnt.
We need to expect an up and come who got burnt and has learnt, a compromise
Which narrows it down to an ex Watford manager - enough to choose from or a backroom ex player from a top 6 club similar to Kompany/Viera/ Carrick if we go down or Rooney

Not Frankgerrard

Those saying Fat Sam.
He fvcked up with West Brom.
Busted flush

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Yank Lampard
Aka Jesse Marsch.

I’d rather it was Jodie Marsh.

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What do I know?

We need a real statement of intent from the board this time. No half arsed option in case we go down.