Who is stone cold sober on a Friday night?

Who is stone cold sober on a Friday night?


Giving up the booze for Jan?

CB Saint is I guess?

This can be your safe space to be smug & self-righteous

See you in Feb



Thought I’d get a post on this thread before it disappears forever.


I’m sober at the moment in the run-up to the Bin Dipper Derby but I’m prepared to push the boat out in a big way if, you know who picks up a nasty injury during the 90 minutes.



My sister told me I should do a dry January. Stupid woman.


Do February. It’s shorter.


I’m sober, going to the cinema for Last Jedi Pt II


I refuse to bow to these silly trends. I shall drink myself into oblivion!


I’m going to tell my sister that I’ll do a dry January but that just means I’ll try not to piss myself each night.


Odd watching 6 ex Saints playing.




Oh dear.


what a cunt.


You been sniffing the cooking sherry again?

Think you need the other thread. Unless you are actually sober :lou_lol:


Looks like an Everton player waved a feather duster at Nivea boy and he went down in a shower of pink fluff. Penalty apparently…bin dippers one up.


No, stone-cold sober.

Just realised that you’re all cunts.

It took me being sober to work it out.

Tomorrow I will be posting ‘cunts’ in the other thread for the usual reason.


Jesus Christ. What a soft penalty. You can’t breathe in the box nowadays without some twat doing a dying swan act. On the second bottle now.


I tried dry Jan, delayed it until the first day back at work on Weds, out the window already.


When did “dry January” become a thing?

Who invented it? I can see the benefit of not boozing for a month, but in January???

I go for a “cut down in January” but that’s only relative because I can’t physically be alive and do my job after the run up to Xmas and Xmas itself…It’s more “drink what you drink like for the rest of the year January”


I’m gonna take up crack this month.

edit: that’s not an invite Bletch.


I just snorted wine out through my nose

Would double upvote if I could


Hahahaha… Van Rental just stands and watches Sigurdsson sweep the ball past him for the Everton equaliser. :lou_lol: