Who is starting the next match day thread

Who is starting the next match day thread


I have been bullied and whipped into starting them so who is doing the next one.?


Did we win the last match? Then I guess you’re off the hook.

Whoever starts the Man United one is going to have to start the one after that too.


@cellone I reckon, seems as he started a Crystal Palace match thread during the match! He needs to learn Sotonians etiquette…


I could do it, but my track record is a bit shite (luck must be due a change??).

However I will be in Sri lanka for two weeks with limited internet access so wont have to put up with your bitching when I fuck it up


Doesn’t Etiquette play right back for PSG?


I’ll happily start it because WE ARE GOING TO SMASH THEM.


Utd at home.

As the ugly point out it’s not gonna be a one match job…


I’ve already made the faux pas of starting threads when I shouldn’t. I’d like to see @philippinesaint whipped into doing it again although I have no truck with bullying.

@btripz It was an afters thread hence the title. In no way did I intend it to be a game thread, just a result thread only a result thread. It was a noob mistake. In my ignorance i didn’t realise that Sotonians don’t use the standard pre/match/result threads. I feel such a fool and terribly worried that I’ve offended new friends.


Don’t let this come between us, don’t hate me @btripz


Just start the thread then we will all up vote you for doing it.


Cellone is a voyoure?


I have too much love in me to hate anyone…


You’re a beautiful person.


Why do I have a suspicion that it doesn’t work like that?


Try it


And you’ll be positively Angelique when you start the Man Utd match day thread.


Is he going to start the thread ?


If he is not going to start it we may as well call this one it then

who are we playing?


@modboy How about changing the title of this thread to the Match day thread - then Phil gets the glory again.


It’s already done and may I say with style and panache @themightyostrich