Who is Southampton's best current player?

Who is Southampton's best current player?


Everyone seems to be moaning about who’s bad in the team but never celebrating players when they put in a good shift. So who is the best current Southampton player and why.


That would have to be Romeu he is filling the hole left by that tratorious VVD

and IMHO not doing to bad a job of it.


Romeu is a good shout, but for me it’s Højbjerg.

He’s controlled the middle of the pitch lately and looks to make quick precise forward passes which we desperately need.

Interested to see what other names are put forward. Anyone brave/stupid enough to suggest Redmond?


Fraser Forster. Not even close.


You’e right. He’s not.


Anyone who’s out long-term injured.


Whenever I watch Rand I think, that’s a proper player. I like Bert a lot. He’s a proper pro. He knows his job and does it to a v.high standard, very consistently. We have quite a few players who I think have potential to be proper good players, maybe become better players even than Bert Rand, but right now he is our MVP imo.

We’ll prob sell him next week :lou_sad:


Hojberg is a good call

I know this is going to be unpopular but Yoshi rarely puts a foot wrong. People say he s not a Premiership level defender (whatever that means) but he’d walk into most PL teams.



Unfortunately the Tadic / Redmond / Boufal triumvate are not good enough to spot his runs


BT pls, be srs.


Stick him up front I reckon.


Is Guly still an option? If so, I vote Guly. If not, I vote Lambert based on previous performances and everyone being shit for ages.


I think Yoshi is our most serious goal-threat and as part of a strong CB pairing (which we’re still looking for this season) has seen his best form for us.

Højbjerg has to be our best this season.


Have to disagree BT. I love his attitude but I dont think that there would be a big rush to buy him if we put him up for sale. He isnt strong in the air and his positional sense is poor. Great as a back up but he really shouldnt be starting every week IMHO.


Yoshi gets beaten in the air occasionally due to poor positioning. Other than that I think he is pretty decent in the air. Stephens on the other hand is shite.


And that is the problem, with both of them playing together we are weak in the middle of defence from the air.


Ur making Hodor sound like our Best Player


Unfortuantely those occasions have all ended up in goals being conceded and us dropping points.

His attitude is spot on but ability and organisation, not so much.

I have always believed that there is a fine line between being and OK centre back and being a good one. An OK centre back will clear the danger at the expense of a corner whereas the good centre back will get it out for a throw. Very fine margins in this game and as you say, it is all about positioning. We are talking about half a yard and having your feet in the right place in order to position your body in such a way as it goes back the way it came rather than out for a corner. Small, random example but hopefully you get my point.


Our ‘best players’ are probably Bertrand and Lemina but I have question marks over their attitudes that are probably holding them back. I suspect the former just doesn’t want to be there anymore. Worringly he knows that he has suitors and even if we go down there is zero danger of him having to play Championship football.

Gabbiadini is also a classy and intelligent player who I like but as stated above the rest of the team seem to hate him and won’t pass him the ball. The best example of this recently was second half against Spurs - Tadic picks up the ball midway in their half, on his left foot, in acres of space, Gabby makes the run, Tadic looks at him, then passes it across to the left touchline to Boufal. Infuriating to watch.

On current form though, Hoj Poj/Hog Pog is the main man.


Yeah, Hojbjerg gets my vote on present form. He’s looking like everything Wanyama was, plus he passes the ball a lot better. He’s even hit a few shots on target (or very close) this season, so maybe he’ll actually score a goal soon.