Who is Heisenberg/Glasgow Saint/Bournemouth Saint/Batman/?

Who is Heisenberg/Glasgow Saint/Bournemouth Saint/Batman/?


As he said on TSW in the Sotonians thread (now closed RIP srs)

I have two accounts on sotonians.

Used the Glasgow account for 2-3 posts but my other account has nearly 1,000 posts now and ive not been rumbled as Glasgow /heisenberg yet.

Time for a witch hunt?

Come on @glasgow_saint out yourself!

  • I am Goatboy
  • I am Bearsy
  • I am Spudders
  • I am SaintFashionista
  • I am Tokyo Saint
  • I am BTripz

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I’m Spartacus


Never noticed the Glasgow_Saint id, I must admit. Did he actually use that one? We all know what his second account is, surely.


Didn’t @saintbletch convince you otherwise on Sunday evening?


I think i might have done the poll wrong, I just saw I am Bearsy so I clicked on it.

I assumed Glasgow was jokes when he said he was regular poster on here. I don’t see how he’d have the time. That said, it’s @fatso deffo. He told me as much in a pm.


Nah, it’s all about posting style, use of language and suchlike. As I said to @saintbletch at the time, all that stuff is almost like a fingerprint. In fairness to Heisenberg, though, he actually can be quite amusing at times. But most of the time he’s clearly just trying to wind people up.


I’m not sure why Heisenberg would feel the need to hide. All the freaks are welcome at this shit show.


Oi, I resemble that remark…


Can’t a member of the ‘Soviet’ narrow it down by listing all the posters with 1,000+ posts? Can’t be that many… (I already know who it is btw, and will tell Bear if he dishes the dirt on Chertsey).


@newyorksaint 's already PM’d me so I know


Welcome to the club!


Hey TheMightyOstrich,

In your PM did he say he was Fowllyd?




Oh fuck, did I not send that via the PM system?


Ha! Did you think really you’d break me so easily? You’ll have to do a lot better than that to get me to reveal that I am indeed Heisenberg.




This is a very Ugly Inside thread.

I popped over there to investigate rumours that Turkish had been ban (he had). It was v.hard to piece together, but it seemed they’d been arguing for months about who was or wasn’t who, and who did or didn’t have more than one account. I’d seen before that there was a constant witch hunt for one particular shady character, but I never could quite grasp the details or what they’d done. I imagine it was something to do with that. They always go on about names like bangers and doc and alby and things, but I struggle to follow.

But anyway, apparently it turned bit nasty with ppl posting up personal details or whatever, and someone called the internet police, and a load of high rollers like Turkish and Dune is got ban.

We should start a recruitment drive immediately. Those bros know how to live!


Fuck that @bearsy , @barry-sanchez and @newyorksaint I can live with, Turkish would make me run for the hills…


You think so? I thought he was clever+witty. I mean, he was also supercillious and patronising and mean, but you can’t have everything.


Change the bolded I to “He” and you have it nailed on.


Tiz I LeClerc