Who got the most useless Christmas gift?

Who got the most useless Christmas gift?


I will start

A Mahjong set

With no instructions or rules included.

I have never played it before never indicated that I wanted to play it and as far as i know nobody in the house has any idea how it is played.


I’ve given the wife man flu.

On vacation.


I’ll let you know once I have been to my brother in law’s


I’ll let you know once the brother-in-law has been around.


All gifts are good thus far, but the day is young. On to the in laws next. I will update later.


I win


I was once given a glade candle by my partner’s sister in law. I like candles but she could have tried to buy something slightly nicer.

This year all useful.

@philippinesaint I love mahjong! It’s not too hard to learn at all.


Not me !!


For the first time in years I haven’t been disappointed with any of my pressies - ok, apart from a book from the mother in law which seems to be a rip-off of Kes but by that bloke Chris Packham. A sorry rip off of an idea…


Not me!


Don’t worry mate…I’ve just downloaded the Instructions from their website…here are the main functions…


I got a book called the pleasure book for boys

I shit you not

It is a 60 year old book of short stories in the famous five style that my sister in law picked up in a Jumble sale


Nope, all useful this year! Wow!


I received a (pencil) rubber fashioned like an orange but the size of a small gob stopper.


What have the Chinese said about this?




That should shut Barry up! Messi and Ronaldo!


I like the bit were Messi says “I know Southampton are not a rich club, but i have already earned enough, i just want to learn the Southampton way”.


Google translate:

Ronaldo: I am too old for the shop window now. I just want to help the academy lads and hopefully we’ll make some top quality signings too. It has always been my dream to play alongside Ricky Van Wolfswinkel, joey Barton and Jordan Rhodes.