❓ Who Am I?

:question: Who Am I?


No, it’s not Friday Night yet but the debate should start, I’m broke and have no paypal account and still have a UAE Visa for a bit longer (and need to go back for work) so I can’t do any Chutney Ferret…


The voting has started here and Mrs D_P has decided you lot need to record your attempt at the pronouncing the name of my new village (last one) and post the soundclips on here for psoterity

The default will be Golfing_Phil but that is so not creative.



1st attempt at posting using a phone.
Shki gay gliz?
Anyhow I vote for that. Now leave me to the 5% Vibrant Forest.


Pronunciation - shchygleetse, with the stress on the penultimate syllable. The ‘y’ represents a vowel sound a bit like an English short ‘i’ (as in ‘in’), but produced further back in the mouth. If I can manage to record myself attempting to actually say it, and post the result here then I will.

And my vote goes for Szczyglice_Phil - another one for the unpronounceable forum name club.


I would go for a twist and put the Phil up front, you know

Phil McCavity
Phil Mahole
Phil Yaboots
Phil Fee
Phil Antropisssed

You get the idea… I am sure there are more creative and rude ones out there


Looking at yesterday’s choice of wine @Phil_istine would fit.


Bletch and Pap?


Right now Zywiec_Phil is pretty much hitting tge spot


That’s a good one.