Which result would you choose?

Which result would you choose?


I just love the idea of this. What result, Saints or otherwise, would you have on your mug?



I think I would much prefer an Urban Dictionary mug, oh the fun and jolly japes I could have with one of those.

Sprunting would be my pick (warning definitely NSFW)




I genuinely to this day remember seeing “Southampton 6 - 3 Manchester United” on teletext and nearly shitting myself with excitement (I was about 9 to be fair) so it would have to be that.


There’s a few that stand out for me, mostly games I wasn’t at.

I’ll never forget the game against the Netherlands in Euro 96. Watched it with my little brothers and their mates and we fucking mullered them. I think it was one the first times either of them had really caught the excitement of football.


West Ham 3-0 Saints (Dad’s a cunt*)

*not really, made up for the gag


Think I would have to go with England 903 for 7 Declared

vs Australia

Because football just depresses me at the moment


Oh 1938 at The Oval


Saints 9 - 3 Wolves - 1965 we were a goal down in 30 seconds (Knapp og) but 5 - 2 up at half time. Scoring ended after 60 minutes, Wolves goalie Dave McClaren played a blinder srsly. We signed him later in the season after Campbell Forsyth broke his leg. Mc Claren played shit for us.

I was with my mate in the Chocolate Box, Milton Road End. I still have the Sports Echo from that day.