Which Premier League manager are you?

Me I am :-

Brendan, is that you? Sometimes ruthless, sometimes democratic, you can make the tough decisions, even if occasionally you get them wrong. You are confident you know best – but you’ve not quite proven yourself at the very highest level yet.

Well according to that poll, and my answers, I could have been CB Fry’s Tony Pulis.

I am Jose Mourinho (92 out of 100) - I did it again using deliberately naff answers, and I was:

Gus Poyet!


I’m in the same category as Bob :smile:

  • the Brendon category :slight_frown:

Jose, is that you? You’re ruthless, cunning and won’t let anything get in the way of your team succeeding.

Class. I am pretty darn special, well at least everyone keeps telling me I am.

Well that worked out well…I got my favourite manager. :smile:

…John Carver. :cool:

I’m Jose too - I’m special :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Jose as well, we’re all special.