🍻 Wherewolves beers?

Anyone meeting up before Saturday’s game?

Bucks and I down, although I’ll be even more miserable than usual due to dry January extending all the way to February, which it isn’t yet

You see, @Fowllyd, that’s how you make a drinking location / opposition mashup pun.

Wherewolves beers!


BTW @SO5-4BW, it should have been Werewolves beers. I also would have accepted Lycanthrope beers.


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Yep, stupid fucking cunting shitty bollocks dry January for me too.

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And me. I blame Meghan


Wow - this is going to be a wild sesh then…

@Fowllyd - can we watch you drink a pint somehwere?



Sadly I shall not be in attendance. I suggest you find @Lets-B-Drinking as he will have no truck with stupid ideas like dry January. :lou_lol:


I’ve been out driving in the pissing rain all day and am far from dry. Off to the Steel Tank to get worse. Then tomorrow getting Wolves fans bolloxed in town.

Saturday morning hangovers will be treated in the Bookshop from about 12.30

I need to eat pre match: food poisoning robbed me of eating for 4 fucking days and I carry zero spare calories at the best of times. So the Stable will suit me, sorry. Happy to go there solo if you miserable shits just want to enjoy your water / fizzy pop in a better pub. :upside_down_face:

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So, even if I coudl go I wouldn’t want to now, not if I was drinking on my own.

Dry January is worse than veganuary


Mrs Bletch decided that we would eat less meat. Last night I had a vegan burger. It was purgatory.

Stable’s good for me and my fucking soft drink.


Well I have to take issue with this…

@SO5-4BW has been smarter than you. He recognised that a ‘Pun’ is often characterised by the use of a homonym … in this case the clever use of ‘Where’ to indicate ‘where’ you might be drinking for pre-match against Wolves, and not ‘were’ as in werewolf, which has nothing to do with Wolverhampton Wanderers… he is cleverer than you dumb @saintbletch (dumbass)

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Stable it is then - might feel less conspicuous drinking a soft drink there than in a proper pub

Plus the pizzas are nice



So that’s what a pun is.

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Dry January is for pussies.


I like my pussies to be warm and moist

Sodding shitty crap trains. Eta for slimline water with lime after 1pm. FFS

And relax



I left at 9:30 and have got as far as Farnborough.

How’s dry January going?