Where's Rallyboy?

Well, seeing as I did one of these for the Bear and for Jeff, I thought it would be remiss of me not to do one for Rallyboy… never mind that no one did one for me when I was away for over a week, I’m not bitter, I don’t mind, seriously, forget about it, it’s fine… IT’S FINE I SAID.

Anyway, where is Rallyboy? Has his hatred of Brexit finally got the better of him? Did he eventually succumb to sarcasm poisoning? Did someone tackle him a little bit too strongly at a recent Old Men Try to Play Football match?

I guess we’ll never know… unless, of course, someone knows.


Fuck off TMO - dont ever knock his dedication. He is searching London and the home counties high and low for any pub that stocks enough hot chocolate to last the pre-match drinks marathon on Sunday


On saintsweb i only ever saw him post about being angar at pfc. I didn’t think nothing of it, it’s quite natural to be angar at them cunts. But then he started post on here, and I thought, Oh. Rallyboy is angar about quite a lot of Things!

A while back tho, I remember reading dumb brexit thread or whatever, and thinking, Oh. Look here! Pap has identified rallyboy as the next person he’s gonna try and drive off frm. I didn’t say anything at the time tho. I’m only mentioning it now to cause Trouble.


It is with regret that I tell you that The RaleighBoy has left Sotonians.

He’s shared his reasons with me but it would be improper* for me to expand further.

He’ll be missed and I hope he returns.

We need an Obit thread I feel.

He was like my brother from another mother**. He was my Yin and I was his “complete twat!”. He was my stars and I was his “complete twat!”. He was my Morecambe and I was his “complete twat!”.

*a PM and the usual £50 should do it.

**Oddly enough we do look very similar. I was obviously the brother that got the looks, the charm, the footballing talent and the one that, despite our familial alcohol intolerance, turned my back on Ovaltine.

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His absence should not have gone unnoticed. Apparently, he’s not a fan of the vibe at present. In the spirit of causing even more trouble, I’ve got a couple of theories as to why that might be the case.

The Brexit thread was going swimmingly for @rallyboy until, as often happens on Sotonians, @cb-saint jumped off the fence in exasperation at the bus point. He was not the only one. I was already at the “merely pointing out what is happening” juncture myself. We saw @furball get upset back in the day when finally questioned on his Corbyn hate. A similar thing could have happened here. The “whatever, bye” comment on the Brexit thread probably should have given you a clue.

The other theory revolves around site changes. A lot of stuff became transparent at that point, including some stuff which might have made you look like a miserable and ungrateful bast if, say, shitloads of people had given you votes and you’d been a comparative stinge in return. Supporting this theory are the complaints over the new direction, or the claims that we’re discussing the site itself more than other things.

I’m pretty sure it won’t be the upvoting thing. There does seen to be a common denominator with those who leave the forum. Maybe some reflection wouldn’t go amiss.


I miss Rallyboy :lou_sad:


Oh. I see. I rarely read the ‘political’ threads because, frankly, they all end up sounding like a group of children arguing over who’s the best superhero. They’re for the most part heavily biased and rarely based on any form of sound argument - it actually suprises me that adults think that’s the way to discuss things. I’d rather look at pictures of sausages that might or might not look like willies… but that’s just me.

I do, however, think it’s a shame that high quality posters are feeling the need to drift away from the forum. It seems to be only down to my heroics that they come back, and you’re all very welcome. I wonder if there’s a common thread to these desertions? Perhaps the Bear could tease that one out…


Time to show a little class, @pap ?


It’s a theory that seems to fit the facts. Given that I had no interaction with him over his concerns, it’s difficult to tell. I wouldn’t dismiss it as readily though.

There does seen to be a common denominator with those who leave the forum.

Yeah, it’s usually the point at which someone other than me starts to argue with them.

Maybe some reflection wouldn’t go amiss.

Have a read of that Brexit thread again. There were no complaints when the bus repeats were earning shitloads of votes.

The moment someone other than me suggests it has been done to death, he flounces off. I dealt with shit from people in surround sound for months.

Dish it out, be prepared to take it back. The worst he got from me was the accusation that he hadn’t moved beyond June 23rd 2016, more than justified by the content.

Rallyboy doesn’t flounce! He just lingers a little closer to the six yard box.


For what reason?

I certainly wouldn’t be reciprocating.

fkn pap needs a fkn reason to show fkn Class. It’s like he was raised by fkn wolves.

You should rethink ur Famous “frm is like a Pub” analogy. Imagine a pub where the Landlord was always broiling for a fight, constantly finding & inventing slights, and needlessly needling the Punters. Some of them, would be like, fk this.

Edit: on other hand, the only other pub in town charges £5 at the door, and is chock full of dickheads. Tough call!

Edit2: I’m not complaining tho really. I love the fkn Drama when someone does a Flounce! I done one myself, and it was Awesome! Carry on as you are, if you like!


It’s not my analogy. It’s what others typically use to excuse behaviour that a drunk would feel shame for.

Read the Brexit thread again. If you genuinely think RB got more shit than he gave, fair dos. Most of the insults were flying one way, attributed to anyone that voted Leave.

I’m not reading that shit! It was bad enough First Time!


I think this post may sum up the general problem.


I believe there were other concerns as well to do with another member of this forum, and the general management of that member…

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Yes, yes, we’ll get on to that. We’ve got to follow a process though, and under these circumstances the first thing we always like to do is Blame Pap. After we’ve abused him for a while, we can move on to Other Targets.


I think everyone needs to take a deep breath and consider what they’re complaining about.

I genuinely don’t have too many of these disputes left in me. This entire service has been provided for free, including dev work, hosting and everything else. It has been worth it because for almost two years, we’ve had a place in which people can express their views freely, with the knowledge that someone can express a counter-view just as freely.

If I’m going to get shit everytime someone takes the hump and pisses off, citing me as their main reason, I don’t see the point in continuing this enterprise.

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Hey @bearsy do you drink in my local, you’ve described my landlord to a T.