Where's Kev - Sfcsim?

Where's Kev - Sfcsim?


Hasn’t posted since New Years Day.


Sticking to his new year resolutions


Seems alright from ye olde Facebook feed. But in answer to @lifeintheslowlane , Cumbria, in the main.


I should also mention that Facebook indicates he has become a runner. Not the interesting sorts that work in cinematic production, rock concerts or Olympic Champion sprints against Usain Bolt, but the sort that posts personal bests on social media.

@sfcsim is in a battle for his soul right now. Give him time :lou_sunglasses:


What’s he planning on running from? Should I be worried? Should I start practicing running too? Is Kev’s diabolical scheme coming to fruition?


Had his bike stolen then.


Since Forster has been dropped Kev doesn’t need to come on here and defend him.


You callous bastards, I was concerned that he had strayed onto The Dark SIde…there lies madness without redemption. :lou_smiley:


I was a runner at Pinewood Studios for a short period.

I can assure you it was not interesting work. Other than nearly decapitating Johnny Depp & Tim Burton on my first day (did I do that right @dubai_phil ?), it was pretty much just carrying shit, paint other shit and putting shit together.


People say that he’s Got A Life, but I prefer to think that he’s Sold Out.




He’ still not logged on since new year and now @thecholulakid has also gone missing.


Maybe they’ve hibernated with bear?


Et Tu @bearsy ?


I’m going to stake out mumsnet. Bearsy will show up.


I’m beginning to suspect foul play. There seems to be a lot of sotonians who go missing. Its like someone who has access to our personal information is using it to track down members and kill them.


I wear rubber gloves when opening the front door nowadays. :lou_surprised:


I wear rubber pants but that’s not related to the spate of disappearances.


Add Steve In The Forest as MIA


Sotonians is a broad church when it comes to personal proclivities. We don’t judge.