🌐 🗺 Where in The World is This? The Travel Picture Quiz

Just a little game for all you well travelled members. It might appeal to those who like to solve a mystery too.

I used to play one of these online games that utilised Google Earth pictures to set a picture puzzle and it was very addictive. A Google Streetview picture was posted and using the visual clues provided you had to track down the location.

That game is now defunct…or at least I can’t find it online or it what it was called so I thought I’d pose the location question…Where in The World is This?

Two pictures taken from the same spot…Clue: One bridge in each shot…

Bristol or close to it

…another clue: No clouds.
That of course rules out Bristol. :lou_lol:


Seville? There is a billboard with what looks like the football club’s crest on it.

Nope…5000 miles away. :lou_lol:


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Clearly Shanghai.

Coastal Brazil somewhere.

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Its not Rio not enough traffic

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São José dos Campos, Brazil

Short by 500 miles. :lou_lol:

São João das Duas Pontes

You’re getting desperate now… :rofl:

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Porto Alegre.

I reckon that’s your bridge.

Well you’re 290 miles away although that is an identical bridge. :lou_lol:

Perhaps they moved it like London Bridge to Arizona?

Perhaps my Googling found the image but isn’t associated with Porto Alegre.

Enjoying this, John.


I did think you had the correct bridge but the wrong location but it seems to be an Ikea Flatpack bridge that they had a special on in the 1920s. :lou_lol:


Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil