👴 👵 When you realise you are your parents

:older_man: :older_woman: When you realise you are your parents


A few weeks ago, I had the honour of sharing a beer with @Goatboy and @unionhotel* at The Arkles, before and after the Liverpool game. I was particularly subdued that day, and that was largely because the old man was darting about the pub, talking to all and sundry, especially if he didn’t know them from Adam.

Goaters looked on in amusement, making several wry comments about seeing where I get certain traits from.

For me, it was more akin to an out of body experience. I was watching this older version of me, doing the same things as me, realising he’d probably been doing this shit a lot longer, and a lot better than me.

More than anything, I thought “fuck. I’m me dad”.

What wonderful character traits and moments have made you realise this, Sotonians?

* @Goatboy / @pap bromance fans. We have now met all of our mutual parents :smiley:


So that’s where you get it from!


Hearing my particularly pissed dad sitting on the loo and shouting for my mum to come and wipe his arse.
So proud.


And this is what you do now?


If I thought I could get away with it :lou_sunglasses:


I don’t think you’ve met the old man yet, have you?

Probably for the best :slight_smile:


So you’ve done this to Mrs Goat?

Fuck sake. The shit she puts up with. Makes ms pap look like a part-timer, and everyone that knows us both knows that’s saying something.


I lie on the sofa the same way my Dad used to before his bad hips, right hand behind my head and left hand cradling my chin and my right leg resting on my left. It doesn’t bother me though as he was definitely on to a good thing as it is very comfy, unless that’s what caused his bad hips in the first place? I’ll risk it.

If I could pick a superpower from my parents I would choose my Dad’s ability to store a UK A-Z in his brainbox, I am hopeless when it comes to directions.


My inherited parental superpower from my Dad is selective hearing when the wife is talking.

I can filter out the inconsequential crap but instantly tune back in if the conversation is important, like “would you like another beer/wine/cup of tea/cake/blow job” etc etc

Edit: I lied about the last one. I mean how likely is that going to happen??


With A Filipina wife quite often mate :lou_lol:


and if you needed any proof here is part of the messenger conversation with the mrs this morning.


The laughing bit at the bottom I am not sure about.


Ha Ha! Good thread. I hope I’m not much like my old man. He’s OK, but we don’t have much in common, except for owning, at some time in our lives, a reasonably impressive collection of pornographic material - essentially i “inherited” this when my mum discovered it and he thought it funny to drop it in in my house whilst i was on holiday, giving me and an ex GF a surprise when we returned. He was even kind enough to leave a note saying that he’d found it whilst looking for something in my loft space. Bastard!

He can be a bit of a twat, but he’s the only Old Man i’ve got, so got to try and get some good times in whilst he’s still around, despite him supporting Pompey.


You sure she’s referring to you, mate? Sounds like she’s talking about someone else, maybe from this forum? :grinning:


Well thats because she has a pet name for my cock.:lou_is_a_flirt:

probably teeny tiny or something.


I’ve been in this part of the world too long.
I even read that with a SE Asian accent in my inner ear…