😆 When I Saw This I Laughed Or At Least I Smiled Or At Least I Wasn't Bored

:laughing: When I Saw This I Laughed Or At Least I Smiled Or At Least I Wasn't Bored


The snowflake generation really aren’t that bright.

BBC News - US driver in ‘Bird Box blindfold’ crashes in Utah


Well, that’s what it said so up yours Prius drivers


It’s only a game mate.



I knew it…I just KNEW IT…bastards…


I would have been so proud, if it had been my daughter. She only pulls that kind of thing on her parents though.



Hilarious :lou_lol:

Bournemouth are willing to sell England striker Callum Wilson to Chelsea for £75m - 25 times the amount they paid for the 26-year-old in 2014. (Star)

Wolves will rival Chelsea for the signature of Wilson, who has scored 10 goals so far this season. (Birmingham Mail)


reckon the real soundtrack is Reggaeton.



Stole this from Facebook


Now how fun does this look


Cold it has snow


There are some proper daft people in this country - water filters and firestarting gels??? What exactly do they think is going to happen?


Not AT ALL…the fucker’s attached to a helicopter. :astonished:


I would add gas masks and weaponry otherwise it all sounds perfectly normal to me.


Wonder how many MPs sit on the board of directors or have a financial interest in these firms?



£300 for a box of crackers and some bbq lights. What a scam. The bright spark who thought that up will be coining it in from the gullible. However, I notice in the story “Lynda” said she liked to keep spare stocks of food, in case of emergency and fair play to her, she doesn’t look like she’s skipped many meals, so it’s all worked well for her.




Best read of the week - and it’s only Monday.

A bit like Baz’s rider for attending Glastonbury- or a Saint game tbf