😆 When I Saw This I Laughed Or At Least I Smiled Or At Least I Wasn't Bored

:laughing: When I Saw This I Laughed Or At Least I Smiled Or At Least I Wasn't Bored


Pop it in the washing machine.



Down the crapper more like.

I miss my old £50 Microsoft phone




Thought I’d share this here to be all inclusive



Welcome to parking in Central London. Add on the congestion charge.



Golf AND cute cat. Surely I win the internet for once?


How much does an Elton John cost at John Lewis this Xmas?


Do they still Furnish them?


Cos I bought my Fulham ticket in the neutral end (had to register as a Fulham fan though), I’m now being bombarded with ads to buy stuff.

If anyone knows somebody who wants to (or should) support a new club then I’ll be happy to share my supporter number for even more discounts





I could go viral again.
Ian Poulter had to play on his own this morning. He’d been shit and was dead last. 1 player had withdrawn via injury so Poulter had to play on his own.
The guys have big money bets on how fast they can finish.
This is an Epic wait for it video.

2 hours 22minutes 3 under par!


Is that good?

I’m not a golfist


In golfland yes.
In fact I’m getting bombarded with image rights permission requests!


Well, I guess the beers are on you next time you are in Blighty at a match day meet up then



Probably only of interest to @PhilippineSaint

I count Beaulieu as part of The Waterside (just). Good to see we still couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery. It restores my faith in man


Serves them right. It’s November so stop with the Christmas activities.


Oh, you foolish silly man.