When Gaston Finally Does The Offs

Who are the haters going to hate?

Our hoardes of mentally challenged love a boo boy so who’s next in line?

Sweary thread titles a go-go!

I’ll go for Juanmi.

That was an OK family film IMHO Goaty, Not Robin Williams best work, but enjoyable nonetheless, so not sure what that film deserves booing at games, surely?


Of our current squad the only two players who seem to have escaped totally unscathed over the last 6 months have been Bertrand and Fonte.

Yoshida I reckon. Plenty of bellends love to hate him.


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That was an OK family film IMHO Goaty, Not Robin Williams best work, but enjoyable nonetheless, so not sure what that film deserves booing at games, surely?

Boom, boom, tsk.

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Good shout. I noticed on Saturday that no shortage of those around me were blaming Yoshida for Palace’s first goal, even though it was blindingly obvious that Davis’ misplaced pass had given the ball straight to Puncheon with Yoshida stranded.


Gardos. Most did not see him play at Arsenal in the cup or at OT after Toby went off. Yes he had a couple of poor games later on the cup run but I think he has plenty to offer as 3rd choice CB.

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Have to say that I would echo the Yoshida shout. He’s normally a great professional, and on his day he’s wonderful. However, the bloke lacks a bit of control and has got mistakes in him, a glaring one already on record. There’s also the fact that despite success in other European leagues, we’ve never had a Japanese player perform at a consistent superstar level in the Premier League. The jury is still out on whether Japanese players can thrive in the Premier League.

Personally, I’ve got a lot of admiration for his achievements. Mistakes noted, the journey from Asia to Europe is huge; very few players make the top leagues. Yoshi has managed it, has been a good servant for Southampton but has made a couple of highly visible mistakes during his time here. Most people do, but defensive positions are more critical. All of us have crapped the collective pants when we’re missing key players in lightly covered positions. I feel far less confident when key defensive players are out, especially goalies, but clangers don’t engender confidence in supporters.

Yoshi is a good player; his problem is that he’s not as good as the players he’s covering. He’ll probably get the ire, but it probably won’t be deserved. He’s got a difficult job; be as effective as the other chap, but without as many competitive minutes under your belt. Another clanger and I think we have a winner.


Yoshi just needs to stop being shunted into fullback positions.

Hes a perfectly competent centre back. As pap said, makes the odd mistake but on the whole is a decent enough back up player. I feel that those mistakes usually come when he is on off the bench, or hasn’t played for a while. He can seem a touch ring-rusty at times. But, when he gets a run of games he seems to improve.

He seems popular amongst the players, and a model pro. I’m a big fan of the bloke. The sort of non-glamour player that every good squad needs several of. Feel he gets an unfair amount of stick.

As for the next boo boy? God knows. Cedric maybe? I have a feeling I know who we could ask to find out.


I would echo KRG’s thoughts, give Yoshida a run of games and he gets his confidence and timing back and he is a much better players.

The bit part appearances, especially out of position, just feed fuel to the Yoshi haters


Charlie Austin then.

I am one of those bellends. I dont hate him but I do shudder when I see his name on the team sheet. I really dont think he is a Premiership quality player. It isnt just the high profile mistakes he makes. Across the back four where ever he plays he is a liability.He seems to lack awareness of what is going on around him and often gets himself into the wrong positions. I agree he has been a big servant to the club and I do like the guy, but as 4th choice centre back.