When did this become a thing?

When did this become a thing?


I often observe something and find myself pondering “when did that become a ‘thing’?”

Use this thread to discuss things in modern society that perplex you or make you wonder when they became a ‘thing’.


I’ll kick off with school proms. When did they become a ‘thing’? When I finished at Henry Beaufort, we had a crappy school disco in the sports hall. It was pathetic in the way only the British can make something truly pathetic. But, frankly, that was all we needed. Plenty of us went on to Peter Symonds and those who didn’t were probably only too glad to see the back of that school.

16-year-olds getting all tarted up and hiring limousines to go to some prom frankly seems a bit weird to me. I guess I became aware of it when my nieces finished school a few years back In some ways, what they were doing seemed even more pathetic than that dreadful disco all those years back at Henry Beaufort.

For example, look at this awfulness:

Midsommer Norton. All these kids dressed up and parading around that dismal town in the middle of nowhere in Somerset. You too can have your limo drive past the bleak coal tips left over from the coal-mining heyday. Maybe it is all to blot out the dreadfulness of their existence….


Shall we have a ‘where did this become a thing’ thread too?


Check your dossiers before posting, people please.


Cool, I’ll move this post over there. This thread can be happily deleted.


I’m afraid it is just part of the headlong rush towards the Americanisation of British culture. Witness Presidential style elections, bastardization of our language with words like ‘gotten’, ‘buzzin’, ‘dude’ etc. And of course, the ubiquitous baseball cap worn back to front. It is my contention that moral decay in this country can trace it’s roots to the abandonment of the flat cap and trilby. It all started to go downhill from there! :lou_sad:


Individual over the collective, sad as it is true.


Our firm has a very relaxed dress code. I wear my hair down most days, as do a lot of other long haired blokes. One mush comes to work wearing what I thought was a hooded onesie. ms pap disabused me of this notion, mocking my lack of cultural awareness.

Apparently, it’s a male romper. A man size baby suit if you will. When did this become a thing?


Male romper? That is just wrong.


I’ve never heard of such a thing. I would assume it’s a onesie (a lot of them have hoods).

I just did a google for male romper and it’s coming up with this.


Those look like what we women may consider a playsuit (a jumpsuit is one with long trousers). Onesies are something else, more casual and usually involve being an animal and made out of jersey/fleece.

Romper is very much an American word isn’t it and from my searches came up with US sites.

Onesie/male rompers are a step too far in a relax dress code. As are tracky bottoms and tops. But it maybe just I am jealous as I am not allowed to wear jeans or casual clothes to work.


Make romper?? FFS. I’m taking the ‘Turkish foam hand amendment’ on that one and declaring the wearing of such an abomination is for cunts


So I had a chat with male romper boy today. Lovely chap. Recounted the story of the missus chastising me for not being with the times. For anyone who has played Grand Theft Auto 5, he bears a striking resemblance to Trevor. For anyone that hasn’t, here is Trevor.

So that bloke in a grey hooded onesie, at work. He doesn’t know what they’re called either.

He did gleefully exclaim “I’m in a minority of one!”.

Fair fucking play, I thought. We’re canteen buds now and are on first name terms*.

* I’m sure people have said similar stuff about me. “Have you seen that midget with the badger beard”, etc, etc. Together, I think we could dominate in the strangeness stakes.


Gender Reveal Parties :lou_facepalm_2:


Didn’t that used to be called an orgy?


Get your mind out of the gutter FFS :lou_eyes_to_sky:


I genuinely didn’t know what these are, so had to look it up online. I did it in incognito mode at work as i feared (hoped?) it would be saucy.

All i can say is “for fucks sake”, for fucks sake.



God, it makes you realise that there just isn’t enough vomit in the world, is there? Almost makes you lose the will to live!


I think that can be filed under “nobody gives a fuck except you” next to " we are only coming to the baby shower because we fear being socially ostracised if we don’t".

Mawkish shite


A couple krGF knows actually had a party just to do this.

It involved uploading some god awful video to social media, with opening pink/blue boxes and balloons coming out and shit.

It made me angry. I’ve refused to go to the actual baby shower as a protest.


‘Playdates’ kids don’t just play anymore or have a friend over. Apparently, it involves a whole load of middle-class adults talking at you about how good their kids is at stuff. Someone at work invited me to one of these just last week and I actually replied with a laugh and a “fuck off” cause I thought she was taking the piss/joking. Turns out she wasn’t and was a bit offended. However she knows what I am like (which is why I thought she was taking the piss) so will get over it.