🤯 ☁ When are they sending our voucher codes for replacement kit?

They said there’ll be out by now, to be fair only found out about this yesterday, if you bought the old kit from them you can get a new one and just pay the postage.

Have you bought such a kit?

No Pap I bought the Sudan 1974 away.

They sent out the code earlier just seen it, blow me its email central with me today!

They sent it out at midnight.


So could it be that once again, you are running out of things to complain about so you’re taking on a crusade for all those that feel done up by 5th place Southampton FC?

No Pap I just didn’t see an email in my inbox you silly goat.

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Baz in poor attempt to earn extra income from being signed up for a Specsavers advert

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Yes yea, and if you’d got the email you’d be moaning about receiving spam about shirt you’d never bought :slight_smile: