What to watch

In front of me I’ve got:

True Grit (the remake)

Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

Band of Brothers boxset

I’ve seen all of them before. Can’t be arsed to watch anything new as I’ll probably fall asleep anyway.

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With that choice? Free web porn and a wank

Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford … Maybe Roger Deakins best film?

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Watch it and wonder at his wonder :astonished:

Band of Bros. easy viewing but decent enough,

Definitely Brad Pitt’s best film.

Went with BoB in the end. Easy viewing as mentioned.

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Not sure if to take seriously or not

You’re re-opening old threads faster than TSW re-opens old wounds @btripz

What was wrong with the catch all I’ve seen thread?

Oh, forgot, internet pedants. I’ve seen is marginally different from I am going to see…

Praise the Lord and burn more energy cooling the overheated servers & Raid Drives

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They don’t make them like that these days


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Just a warning. You all have 2 days left to ensure that you have signed up to On-Line MBA courses, Night Classes or basically ANYTHING.

because Mama Mia 2 comes out in London on 20th and you KNOW you are not going to escape being dragged along to see it.

Equally you know you will die with shame when you sing along…

Dodged it.

Daughter is taking the wife on Friday whilst I’m out with the girls from work.

Bletch 1-0 Wife.


You’re going to watch it with the girls from work.

Ha! You’re talking to someone who has NEVER seen “The Sound of Music” Someone whose whole generation saw it 37 times and implored me to go.

“John” they said, “I know what you think, but honestly, you’ll love it” The people imploring me, were proof enough for me.

I will have this as an epitaph, The Man Who Never Saw The Sound of Music.

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Raindrops on roses…

…And fixtures and fittings…

Well, that’s what I thought for years and years

I know, right?

I don’t know what @lifeintheslowlane is going on about.

It’s a great musical John. You’d really enjoy it.

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Being forced to watch it every bloody time it was on the box when I was younger has probably had an influence on the man I am today


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