What to do when you think you've been scammed

I recently entered into a transaction on Gumtree Australia for a guitar located interstate. Never had a problem in the past with interstate transactions before but I am getting the feeling I have copped a massive scam.

No confirmation that the money has been received and none that the guitar has been sent.

So, would you:

a) Find a relative in the “family business” to gently remind them to send the guitar

b) Plaster their shame all over the internet


c) Take it on the chin

All ideas greatly received

Depends on the scammer. I’ve done b) after a car hire firm tried ripping me off £850 notes. It worked.

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It would have to be a.

and then having relatives that are ex police also helps in the clean up from a.

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It seems to be an individual. It’s not a massive rip (less than yours) but as you can appreciate, the amount rips me a new one

tbf I probably wouldn’t take that option…I think

F’king shits me though

Hopefully rock n roll dreams come true and she’s just a poor communicator

Really does depend on how you paid. PayPal will give you some kind of protection but you have to start the reclaim procedure quite early…within 21 days IIRC.

Details, Dave…

  • was Battle of the Bands contingent on this new axe? (as I don’t like electricity near my guitar I have never before call one an axe. Get me!)

  • did the person you interacted with tell you the guitar was filled with Nigerian bearer bonds and that they’d split them with you?

  • did they tell you that your PC’s version of Windows has become infected by a virus and if you bought the guitar the virus would disappear?

Details, Dave. Details?

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Maybe it’s a mercy scam?



Ah a female scammer now we are talking.

option b is now looking favourite and using her Facebook page easy enough to find for pictures post the photo shopped pictures on any online dating sites along with the contact details you have for her.

will not get your money back but the enjoyment will compensate for that

Phil,I realise this might come as a surprise to you (which is even more surprising given some.of the places you’ve visited ), but some men, in some situations, will pass themselves off as women.


No contigent but was going to be my main axe from now on

Sold a guitar to fund purchase of this, so now looks like im 2 guitars down :lou_angry:

Would be less painfull if my computer was infected by watching porn tbf


Which is why you should always carry out background checks and the occasional groin grab to see how many balls the lady has before handing over any cash.

He’s probably the trucker “Dave” from Essex that we used to scare Teenage Mutant when he first got on to the internet.

Be careful if he invites you for a trip to see some puppies in the back of his remarkably clean and spotless white van.

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Some scroat took a pay day loan out in my name. They even convinced the stupid company to pay the money into an account in a different name.

first I heard of it was when I had a debt collection agency write to me. The loan company are absolutely impossible to contact / deal with.

in the end I took to the Internet of their twitter, forum and Facebook saying that the company were a bunch of scammers looking to rip you off. That got their attention and problem eventually got solved.

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So, what did you spend the money on?


Ha ha, I remember @coxford_lou being accused of being that in her early days on the Dark Side!!


OH @ozsaintdave you should contact Gumtree straight away, they’ll be able to help you.

I reckon you may be onto something there…

I’ll do it when I’m less inebrieated :lou_lol:

Dave should up his game. It’s pokemon now.

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Officially a…

SCAM :lou_angry: :lou_angry: :lou_angry:

Gumtree told me to contact the police and good luck if I see the goods

Mongrel Bastards