What to do when someone infringes on your intellectual property?

I am in a bit of a predicament.

The last band I was apart of busted up after one gig (yay)! The singer from the band was using my lyrics folder because she was too lazy to learn the songs. Since we have parted ways, I have asked on three separate occasions for said lyrics back to no avail.

So now it turns up she, along with her :mapoftasmania: boyfriend, have a gig this weekend and for no other reason apart from intuition I reckon she is going to be playing some of my songs without permission.

My dilemma is what can I do short of witty banter for my lyrics back and such?

Threaten to have her killed.

Tell the police she stole them.

Go to the gig and sing along from the audience and let everybody know she is ripping off your songs. or just take the song sheets back from the stage then she wont be able to sing if she cant remember the words.

You may get chucked out by bouncers at this point :slight_smile:

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Crossed my mind but she is ex army so…


Might be fun :lou_lol:

Write down the lyrics and musical notation as accurately as you can manage, and send them in a dated tamperproof envelope (free from the post office) with proof of posting, preferably to somebody of demonstrable good character. If you do that before the performance you should be able to prove that you wrote or co-wrote the songs.

Sweet as. I have lodged all the songs with our local preforming rights association, APRA, sos I’m hoping that would be enough


If the association has a record, a single letter from your lawyer to her, demanding return and mentioning the log of said songs, should be enough. I would go to the gig and make myself very noticeable, but your lawyer would probably disagree with doing that.
Hope you resolve it soon.


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

But, saying that, you should sue the bitch for every penny she has. Or at least ask for some royalties…

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This is me biding my time and seeing if this is what I need to do. Unfortunate but maybe necessary

Mmm, royalties

It’s a truism that the richest people in the music industry are them what write the songs!!

Correct weight sir! Always remember the story of when the Gallagher brothers were advised Wonderwall made them 13 million quid and they both wasted themselves on cocaine and hookers apon arriving in Australia. Gold Jerry, gold

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So, are your songs any good?


K’N Oath! Just ask me :lou_lol::lou_sunglasses:

I just did my antipodean friend

Any chance of posting a few recordings?

Serious request btw.

You can PM if you are shy :lou_wink:

Of course…hmm, how to do this :laughing:

This one’s called ‘Like Tomorrow You Would Die’

This one’s ‘Run Wild’

Get in the studio & run up some full blown demos - there’s a market.

Drop the Aussie accent…you sound like every other Aussie band…

Only joking…


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