"What shall we do about Jack's Schitt?"

After todays events [please read my latest post in the manager thread before this one], obviously many of you are doubting the info I’ve shared, and maybe even my own integrity. So it is best that we confront the issue, rather than hide from it and have the after-effects lingering.

I can only reiterate as I have from the start, that I’m simply sharing the information I have been given, in good faith. I understand though of course, that you may well doubt that now.

I hope those of you who’ve known me for the last six months, know me well enough that I would not just make this all up. It’s not in my character. My posts themselves testify that I have always given you my honest and straightforward thoughts, even when they may not have been popular.

You already understood the situation with my dad’s illness before these recent posts started when I vanished for a month whilst he was in hospital. My hope is that knowing me, you can see that I wouldn’t waste what little time I have at the moment intentionally writing schitt or trolling my friends; which to me, many of you have become.

But there is obviously no point in posting any more info I’m offered if no one believes it. So it is totally up to you. Do you want me to carry on sharing anything more I might get, or shut the fuck up?

Tell me what you’re thinking.

Your opinions clearly matter on this, and go a long way toward deciding what level of involvement I should continue to have. :wink:

I said I would not hide from any potential reaction, so if you have anything you want to say to me about what’s happened, positive or negative, then fire away.

  • 4). Jack and his source are genuine, but Jack should stop posting this info.
  • 1). Jack is full of schitt, and should stop posting this crap.
  • 3). Don’t know what to believe, but Jack should probably stop posting this info.
  • 2). Jack is genuine, but his source is full of schitt, and Jack should stop posting this crap.
  • 5). Jack and his source are genuine and I still wish to be kept informed.

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For the most part it is all a bit of fun we as fans have no input into what goes on or will go on at Southampton FC and never have done unless you were wealthy enough to buy the club.

We all want what is best for SFC and will moan and bitch then get on with our lives until the next game.

This has come at a time which detracts us from the shit that is England failing in another tournament so carry on putting Schitt out there if anybody is using your Schitt to make any money from the bookies good luck but if they have lost money what are they doing listening to an unknown identity on an internet forum. serves them right.

ps I wouldnt bet on anybody becoming the next manager as I still haven’t a clue who it will be .


Post whatever you like mate. Sometimes it will turn out right, sometimes it will turn out wrong, which is same as everyone else. You don’t need to be so srs about it!


As Voting has now finished the poll says carry on posting :lou_lol:

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How about an option 6? Jack’s schitt has been entertaining schitt, and I’m not too fussed if it turns out to be true or not. I don’t take what you say as gospel, but I’d like to beleive the Koeman story as it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling in my balls that maybe we won that situation. With regards to new manager info, I love Saints but the moisture content of my bed does not hinge on this stuff, my support is unconditional.

Please keep posting but don’t prioritise over the real important stuff.


How can it be finished? I only just started it. Or was that a joke that went over my head?

I was using the European exit vote timings as a standard

Dont forget I also have seven hours on you.

Keep posting what you hear JS, it matters not that some people seem to enjoy setting their own context on your posts and then enjoy getting upset when they judge that context to be broken. Fuck 'em.

Although I did put £8.95 on Pellegrini to be our manager after your intel, FFS, so i do expect a refund! :lou_wink:


Originally posted by @Numptyboi

Keep posting what you hear JS, it matters not that some people seem to enjoy setting their own context on your posts and then enjoy getting upset when they judge that context to be broken. Fuck 'em.

Although I did put £8.95 on Pellegrini t o be our manager after your intel, FFS, so i do expect a refund! :lou_wink:

You do mean you bought a bottle of Pellegrino? Very expensive water :lou_lol:


As fans we all love to get snippets. That’s why we read the footie gossip…who are we signing columns. Keep going. If you are taking the piss good luck to you that’s one more person smiling



More seriously- do folks really still take all this stuff seriously? It’s almost classic bloke in the pub stuff. I am still not sure if JS was as serious as he sounds - or on the mother of comic genius trolling missions - if I was jack , would now reveal it was a great troll - either way matters not as nothing should be taken seriously on a forum.


Jack - post on, post on

more bollocks has been written on several other threads


Maybe another option along the lines of…is JS a narcissistic twat?


It’s OK Ralph, not everything Kat tells you will be true.

She’s like that.


True it’s a possibility- but unlikely as I don’t think folks would invent family illness



I’m as near as dammit certain I know who you are/were on SWF, and from the evidence of your posts, both on that forum and this, I’ve no doubt you are a genuinely committed and passionate Saints’ fan, and not, as some have suggested, a plant.

I have no way of knowing the genuineness or otherwise of your ITK status; but what is obvious is that your posts are creating waves – a hundred and fifty new members on Papsweb for starters! I suspect they are also influencing some sections of the media and betting markets.

None of this particularly bothers me – actually, it’s quite entertaining – but what does concern me is that your posts may be adversely affecting the club. For instance, your posts could be giving the impression (possibly false impression) to a potential managerial candidate that he is not the club’s first, or even second, or even third, or even fourth … choice! I would guess that this sort of thing wouldn’t be very good for their egos. :lou_lol:


It seemed like a helpful thing for the club when, as someone observed, the snippets served to prepare the ground for the fans to accept a relative unknown as the new gaffer. When it comes to MP being offered a contract, that didn’t serve to do much but give us a banana skin.

I’m sure if Jack was unwilling to pass on the information, they’d have found someone else.


Need another option. Take your posts with a pinch of salt but happy to keep reading them.


I never read your posts anyway.