🇺🇸 What is wrong with Americans?

:us: What is wrong with Americans?


The flag and the Karachi number plate sort of gives it away



Probably taken on wembley high street.


Don’t be silly or an ism-ist.

It’s clearly Sandy in Bedfordshire


The problem is the American system, not the American people.

Most of the American people I’ve ever befriended love this guy.

The American system not only never gave him a chance; it ensured that Trump and Hillary were the only options on the 2016 ballot. That is the fundamental problem the American people need to solve.


Slight critique. Don’t like the way the Americans use different words.


Diaper instead of nappy.
Check instead of bill.
Thanksgiving instead of Landthieving



Think I’ve ranted about this before on a different thread but add into that the way they display their calendar and how that spreads to cinema trailers/adverts over here - I for one refuse to go and see any film that is described as being released ‘December Twelve’, etc. you say it the twelfth of December FFS! :lou_angry:


I always remark to Americans on the wrongness of their date format by saying “Oh aye, if your date format is so correct, how comes you say the 4th of July?”


That must sting them to the core.


I’m surprised he wasn’t gunned down like a (toy) dog.


I thought the saying was ‘gunned down like a dolphin’?