🇺🇸 What is right with Americans?

This thread is in response to the story today about a dolphin being discovered shot dead on a California beach. In a similar case in April a pregnant bottlefish dolphin was shot to death in Southern Mississippi. A necropsy, an autopsy for animals, revealed that the dolphin had died from a gunshot wound, with the unborn calf dying as a result of the parent’s death. I know that the Yanks have no problem shooting each other, long may they continue, but a dolphin FFS? Maybe the Yank had no choice, it was self defence. The dolphin was swimming straight towards him and had a concealed knife! But seriously, this is the culture we will be standing shoulder to shoulder with when we free ourselves of the uncivilized Europeans. When they say “Jump”, we will say “how high?”’ Us and our new allies, the Saudi Arabians and that nice Netanyahu and the Israelis. This is what our nation will be reduced to. No wonder the rest of the civilized world are shaking their heads in amazement, a once great nation who gave the world a common language, literature, culture, replaced by a nation sleepwalking on a seemingly unstoppable course of self destruction, turning our backs on our fellow Europeans who have shared these attributes, and aligning ourselves with Philistines. One thing is for sure, our children and grandchildren will not thank us.


…all in the name of some obsessive and flawed ideology / delusion that ‘democracy is restored’ - even Corbyn shouts ‘sovereignty is sacred’ when in the modern world there is no room for such arrogance of self. We are all beholden to someone and all political decision is carefully balanced to align with the desired foreign policy and allies… EVERY country has to suck some unpleasant smelling cock…but we do have a choice as to which one we open up to. We have voted to suck on those that shoot dolphins when not shooting their own, that support the zionists desire to destroy Palestinians… that feel happy to let mega corps dictate environmental policy, and wanted to separate immigrant children from their parents… We have always been pally with the Saudis given how many arms they buy, but now we are free from the shackles of Brussels we will be able to sell them even more. Who gives a fuck if they murder few more journalists…

Welcome to the new Britain


You only have to visit a Caribbean resort and stand by the pool bar in the afternoon to discover the answer to this question.


Sorry. I thought this was a new Bazza trolling thread.

Laters :wave:

Oh, btw. My children hate what our out of touch politicians and frankly out of touch older people want to do to this country. They tell me their peers are of the same attitude.

Let’s shit on our kids futures eh?!

Where to start?

They have no sense of Identity Irish American Polish American Italian American.

They are just American.

They believe themselves to be better than everybody else.

Texans are living proof Indians screwed Buffalo’s

When travelling they do not know how to line up in a queue

They are fucking LOUD

That willl do for now


If we go on what we see on TV etc they don’t come out all that well do they? But the ones I know are lovely. So maybe lets not suggest that all Americans are awful.

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GET IN THE HOLE! man originated from America.
Nothing more to add.
Especially as he’s been here all week at the golf
1 half of shandy by 10:30am and he’s at it ffs



I think it all stems from the ‘invention’ of that incredibly crap phrase ‘The American (Consumerist) Dream’ - a whole way of life driven by what an individual can gain for him/her self as opposed what they can contribute to society.

There has never been any recognition in the US that folks to get rich/really rich others have to be poor. It’s why they have no Left of centre/centre main stream political party, and this essential belief that the pursuit of wealth is their moral compass…

… it’s why I also detest phrases like ‘if you want something bad enough, you can achieve anything’ - no you can’t. It should read that ‘without hard work, and application it will be difficult to achieve anything’

I hate such phrases as it implies that if you are poor or struggling that somehow you are at fault… and why so many Americans struggle with the concept social justice, ignorantly seeing it as ‘commie threat’ - their 50s paranoia fuelled by their own government has a lot to answer for, but it did allow their arms industries to thrive post war…

… and that for me is their biggest issue, how closely politics and industry are entwined - policy dictated by the size of the contribution.

Ignore post-soz

This is my local MP

The constituency is very very old, so he does not have the view of most people in the uk (he knows this)


Ah, but if the dolphin had a gun she could have defended herself and this wouldn’t have happened.

And that, in a nutshell, is what’s wrong with americans.

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Get in the hole man is Bletch?


They have no concept of how to use a knife and fork properly

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Great job on not visiting the Brexit thread, @Cobham-Saint. You’re really coping :smiley:

Agreed. I’ve spent about a year of my life there, all totted up. Love my 'muricans. We really need to stop assessing countries on their worst freakshows.



Not even sure why I posted it here tbf

I haven’t had much exposure to Americans during my life. I visited Florida for a week about 25 years ago and have had occasional interaction with some since. However, all bar a couple have been very nice, friendly and interesting. Don’t understand this wholesale denigration of over 320 million people based on a couple of loons and a wanker President.

They think they can drink beer but they can’t.

They’ve ruined IPA for life!!

They play darts on weird boards with plastic tipped darts!!