What is the reason of Sarah Champion resigning?

She was telling the truth, why can’t we say the truth?
Hounded out by the PC liberals within party no doubt, Abbott I would say played a role.

Perhaps you should resign too Barry?

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Put a sock in it you whopper.

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Do you actually know the truth Barry? Your post seems more like an opinion dressed up as fact.

No, its a total and utter presumption, like 99.999999% of things on the internet designed to spark debate and opinion.

Who is Sarah Champion? What has she resigned from? What do liberal policemen have to do with it? Is it a play starring Russ Abbott?

Maybe a link would be good bazza?


Fair play

And it’s reason FOR.


Like ALL Politicians…should…engage brain before opening mouth :astonished:

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According to this only 3.7% of rapists in 2013 were Pakistani. Think its the rest of them we have a problem with!


Sorry, used the wrong total figures, it was only 2.3% in 2012.

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What is the Pakistani population to the rest of the UK? 2%?

Regardless of percentages all rapists need to be stopped / dealt with.

The fact that you’ve quoted them as a separate low percentage of the overall number of rapists implies their crimes are not as bad? Apologies if I’ve done you a disservice.

They’re all rapists full stop.

They’re treated as rapists but are they picking vulnerable girls because of their status and colour knowing nothing will be done? It would be far far more difficult I assume to groom older women?

Grooming old women ain’t that tricky Bazza. The memory loss helps too… let me know how you get on.

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Sort of loathed to respond to this thread really but against better judgement will.

There are groomers of young females in all walks of life (MPs, TV stars, Catholic priests, teachers, children’s home workers, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, brothers etc) . They will always go for vulnerable people (young and old). Stats show that young women are more likely to be abused than males. I’ve heard stories of white british and black men hanging outside childrens homes in the 80s and 90s waiting to pretend to be their boyfriends and coerce them. They’re probably still doing that. They always seemed to know where those homes are.

There are plenty of white british and black teens in gangs grooming and coercing teenage girls into sex currently, using them in initiations, drug running etc. We don’t hear much about that do we? That’s mainly what I’ve dealt with in work. I haven’t been able to find up to date statistics on sex offenders and ethnitcity. What I have seen suggest that Asian males are slightly over represented given the population. But not wildly so.

As to the thread title and first comment I dont know. Seems a bit like what Farage said.

Haven’t read up on it much. Why she was writing for the Sun anyway?

This could also go in the feminism thread about how maybe there is a men issue. But hey I wouldn’t want to tar all males with the same brush now. That would seem unfair wouldn’t it?


Police officer!

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String of down votes for Barry there.

Quite frankly, given the other threads and discussions at the minute, Barry’s silence speaks volumes.

We know what you are.