:sotonians: What is a Sotonian?

Scousers are famed for their squeaky accents, tracksuits and many other things.

Mancs are known for their music, their club scene, guns and their Bez.

Londoners are known to be a diverse lot, reputed to be impolite and a mile a minute.

With that context in mind, what are Southampton people like? What makes an O.G., born in the area Sotonian? What are we like?

(opinions on forum Sotonian traits also welcome)

They moan about everything


We’re allowed to moan about the area as much as we like.

No one else is :wink:

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Middle aged (largely), borderline functional alcoholics (not @tigger obvs), with wide ranging & dubious tastes in music and film/TV? Oh, and politically opinionated.


Edit: forgot to add: potty mouthed- especially that @Intiniki these days…


Being grey and having no culture (like most Southern places as they weren’t affected by the industrial revolution), Hampshire has a culture of sorts, accent, hogs and cricket.

Londoners = Cockney wideboys, rude and fast pace of life.
Geordies = Mad accent, love for their team and great nightlife.
Liverpool = Good fun, music and football.
Manchester = Music, rain and United.
Brum = Accent, bull ring and spaghetti junction.
Leeds/Yorkshire = Load, God’s Country and northern tories.
Glasgow = Patter, accent and drinking.

To be fair Southampton is a provincial City and them down the road through geography probably have a more solidified identity than we do.

Why I always went to Glenfern Road for a night out

You lost credibility when you said Liverpool = good fun. Unless good fun means whining, self-loving, hypocritical cunts hated by at least 70% of the population.


Oh I do love a good stereotype.



Dey do dough don’t dey dough?


It’s pronounced ‘daydodohdon’daydoh’. All one word.



Amstrad? (one for Barry there).

I never had any credibility son.

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Was talking to a couple of the locals about Stoke.

I said “I quite like Stoke people”, going on to explain “They’re northerners, but they’ve none of the pretensions of Liverpudlians or Mancunians”.

Didn’t go down well :frowning:

I never thought I’d say this Barry but a very good point well made.

But it’s very true. Although Stoke town centre makes Eastleigh look cutting edge.

It’s basically a Northern Milton Keynes.

Someone just drew a circle around a load of towns and villages and says, yeah, that’s Stoke-on-Trent.

Stoke City Centre isn’t even the city centre. That’d be Hanley.

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I thought it was the bus station :grinning: